Circuit Breaker – Round Two!

With the end of our 2nd week of the circuit breaker yesterday, our Prime Minister announced the extension of our circuit breaker (aka semi lockdown) till 1 June 2020 – Round Two! Actually when the government announced the need for a circuit breaker earlier, I kind of imagined myself in a war, where our movements are restricted and we would have “curfews” to observe. Of course, a real war is definitely more serious but here, we are dealing with an invisible war where the enemy (aka COVID-19 virus) cannot be seen.

So to me, we should take it seriously like in a physical war. To be honest, I’m just thankful we are still able to head out to buy food and head to the park for exercise any time we want, albeit with a mask and ensuring we are far away from others. If we were in a real war, who knows whether we would have food, and our movements will certainly be more restricted.

This war against COVID-19 has certainly been unprecedented. Even SIA said this is the biggest challenge since its existence. Many people have lost their jobs within these four months of crisis as we stop movements of people and even as other countries stop movements of people into our country too. The circuit breakers have resulted in many non-essential shops closing. Closure = no money. With Singapore being such an open economy, it was simply unimaginable that our government made a move to close off our grounds to foreigners. But it was important to get the health of the country back again. The maxim – “Health is wealth” has never been so real.

Interestingly, COVID-19 has brought out the worst and the best of people. In a crisis, we see ourselves stripped to the barest. It is sobering. We also see what are truly essential in our lives – healthcare (Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies), supermarkets, food (not cakes, chocolates, bubble tea!), government services (e.g. social assistance, security), transport, sanitation and hygiene services, optical shops (surprisingly), hardware stores (for DIY repairs, screws etc), telecommunications and IT.

What’s surprising is that these things are actually not essential: school, tuition, shopping centres, clothes shops, furniture shops, electronics stores, hairdressing (shocking!!).

Puts things into perspective, doesn’t COVID-19? Things that we always think we need are really not so much of a need in the end when it comes to survival.

Let’s just say COVID-19 is a wake-up call to many of us.. and certainly an eventful way to start 2020.

Milestones in 2019

2019 has been arguably one of my best years with many milestones…

1) Learnt driving and passed on my second test attempt.

2) Celebrated little E’s first birthday.

3) Got a car (totally not our personality to do so… but we did it.)

4) Launched something that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years at work.

5) Little E starts pre-school.

All these milestones were met, because I had people supporting me along the way. There were encouragements, comfort and practical help given when I was in the process of going through these milestones. For that, I’m thankful.

Liberated on my 32nd!

I’m 32. Wow. And I feel so liberated because I only needed to respond to messages from those who matter to me when they wished me happy birthday. That’s because I recently made my birth date private on Facebook – only I can see it. Because of that, I wasn’t obliged to thank people who wished me happy birthday because Facebook “pressured” them to do so with a birthday notification.

So there, what a liberating day… clean FB wall and having people who really remembered wish me happy birthday. Thank you my family and friends, for being part of my life. I’m grateful.

As a mother, I’m most grateful to my own mother – for giving birth to me over 30 years ago. And for trying her very best to give me everything I needed and wanted. Such is the spirit that I wish to continue, although I’m not sure if I can do it as well as her. Was glad that Sarah, my mom and I all managed to lunch together at Basilico in both our birthday month (September) – to celebrate our mom!

I have another new blog!

I’ve decided to set up a another blog to document my journey of mummyhood. Check it out at

See you there, if you are a fellow mummy!

P/S I’m still maintaining this blog ( to jot down my personal thoughts on anything under the sun. It’s not the end 🙂

Little E and public figures

Little E turned 18 months last month and before she did that, she has already taken pictures with two public figures – Christopher Lee in Perth and MP Amrin Amin in Woodlands!

Considering that she is no “influencer baby”, that’s quite a cool thing haha. But of course, this is not the only thing that defines her. We are both so proud of her just for being the way she is. She listens to instructions well and although she doesn’t verbalise things accurately, she’s able to do the things you ask her to – both in Chinese and English!

She’s such a joy to us. Praying that she continues to be a blessing to many others, including even public figures; and to share the joy and grace that’s deep within her heart, planted by the Lord.


Crestfallen. The first word that came to mind when I was asked to head back to the parking ground where I started my Traffic Police driving test, after my circuit session. I was carrying high hopes of passing the driving test, to get it over and done with, having spent countless weekends and paid leaves to learn how to drive for the past 5 months. I was carrying the hopes of being able to drive my mum and nainai on 25 May when we meet for lunch. My instructor was carrying hopes for me to pass as he told me that he hoped to hear good news from me before I went for the test.

But, I failed. 30 points. I struck the kerb twice in my parallel parking which I’ve never done so during my practices.

I was disappointed that I’ve dashed hopes – mine, my family and my instructor’s. It was an emotion I’ve not felt so strongly for a long time.

Called DR and sobbed. Headed home and closed my eyes for about 20 minutes, and I felt better after that. Rest and food are God-given comfort to manage one’s emotions. Thankful also for my colleagues who shared how they only passed on the 2nd or 3rd time over WhatsApp. It helps to know you are not alone.

Now after a failure, got to try again and not be afraid. The next time, stronger.

How life has changed

So many significant things have happened since my last post. This season is seeing many exciting changes. First exciting thing – I’m learning driving! The reason? I think I need another blog post to share what made me do this.

For now, would like to keep things short. Oh another exciting thing that’s coming up – John Mayer is finally holding a concert here in Singapore! I really can’t wait to hear him live on 1 April, together with Sarah, Sihui and Wenqi 😀

Last thing – we made it for Eunice’s 1st birthday! Thanks to the many helping hands, particularly from the Woodlanders ladies. I’m so glad her birthday party was full of laughter from family and friends who matter to us in our lives. It means a lot to us when we see them turn up.. because we want to celebrate with them our first-time joy of being parents and surviving the first year. Many more years to come!

Thank you, Jesus for this season.

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