What to do in KSL City Mall

I had a short staycation recently in JB at Holiday Villa JB City Centre. The hotel is right next to KSL City Mall. I was googling about what to do in KSL but most were about eating. I compile a list of 8 things you may be want to do, which would otherwise be expensive to do so in Singapore. This post is dedicated to the “el cheapo” in all of us – those who want some quality but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices! :p

1) Watch a movie – SGD$5.40 per pax on a Friday night.

2) Buy De’ Lava classic lava cheese tart at about RM$4.30 (SGD$1.50) per piece. Love the oozy cheese lava that didn’t taste ‘jelat’. The texture of the lava was just right, without being too runny.

3) Buy tights and loose pants from an open shop, near TESCO supermarket. Around SGD$5 per piece.

4) Buy clothes from Peniwern open shop – rather fashionable women’s tops at affordable prices (less than SGD$20), also near TESCO supermarket.

5) Eat Auntie Anne’s pretzels – RM$5.30 (less than SGD$2) for the premium range.

6) Have the sesame chicken mee sua from Souper Tang at about SGD$6.50 per bowl. Delish!

7) Get a haircut at RCS Hair Salon (Level 2) at RM$59.90 (SGD$20) – Victor, the hairstylist, was very detailed when cutting my hair. The shampoo lady, though not adept in English, gives really good head massages while shampooing and washing my hair. She has mean hair-blowing skills too.

8) Buy shoes from Fabiano Ricco – comfortable and presentable day-to-day casual/office shoes at about SGD$20.