My Seoul Itinerary in Summer

December is coming next week, I can’t believe it! This means, in a month’s time, I will be heading to Seoul, together with DR and his family. It is insane how time flies. Well, I was on standby mode for the past three weeks due to work (major announcements and whatnots), so am thankful that it is now finally over.

To help myself familiarise with Seoul again, I shall post the last-minute itinerary DR and I put together in our last trip to Seoul. Then, so we went during the hottest time of the year, and was sweating buckets over there. But I guess the trip was not just for enjoyment, but more for us to get away from Singapore and just sleeeeeeppp. Have an undisturbed time, away from the stresses of work.

So, here goes this simple last-minute, on-the-go itinerary we put together from the brochures we got from the airport and Lady Iron Chef’s recommendations. Haha!

Seoul in Summer (August 2015)

Sunday – Arrive in Seoul, Myeongdong gyoja, grilled squid. Check in Days Hotel in Myeongdong.

Monday – Gwangjang Market brunch (kimbap 2k won, spicy rice cakes, fishcake, 3k won each) Edae (BeansBins waffles) and Hongdae (Myth Jokbal – pig trotters, basically – urgh, I am cringing thinking about it. We just walked in to try since DR likes trotters)

Tuesday – Hotel breakfast, Everland lunch (gangnam station exit 6, bus.5002), Yoogane dinner, skincare shopping

Wednesday – Brunch at Coffee Smith at Garosu-Sil (Sinsa station), Gangnam Underground Shopping (this is one place you can find so many affordable things to buy), Jordan Christian Book Center. Dinner at Myeongdong’s Two-Two chicken and Cass beer.

Thursday – Noryangjin Fish Market brunch – We had clams 8k/kg, 2 abalones for 5k, 1 live scallop for 5k, 1 king crab for 58k for 1.6kg! Shopped at Seoul Station Lotte Mart, then had seafood stew at Myeongdong followed by desserts at O’Sulloc green tea cafe.

Friday – Gyeongbokgung visit. Brunch at Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken. Headed back to Gwangjang Market again for the refreshing rice barley drink. Shopped at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal and Artbox. Dinner was at some random Myeongdong BBQ shop.

Saturday – Pack up and fly off. We took Bus 6015 in front of Myeongdong Skypark 3.