A breather

Finally, I could rest today (1 May) without waking up with dread or nausea. Have been feeling this every morning for the past month. It’s so bad that I just have no energy to do other things, so I end up taking cabs because I could not drag myself up. Thank God for bringing me through day by day, and for my supportive hubby who was there to encourage me and put things into perspective for me in those tough days. I realise how wrecked my whole being was due to work and a particular discouragement I faced.

Nonetheless, things have to go on despite such mentally exhausting times. My new house still needs to be planned, work still needs to be done, bills still need to be paid, responsibilities still need to be fulfilled. Really relying on God and His mercies for each day. Anyway, on my house – we are going to go into renovations soon. First, we bought the hob and hood (i.e. the stove and the machine that sucks up the smoke from the food) as well as the kitchen sink. These are two things you need to buy first before kitchen renovation can start so that the contractor can integrate them as part of the kitchen top and cabinet. Along the way, we have also bought many other things like the dining table, fridge, washing machine.

After this house is ready, one thing I definitely need to do is to take a break and have a review of my current life to understand how I can better move on. Can’t just do the daily grind anymore.