Crrrruuuussshhhh ’em…

I saw this gif image. Found it quite funny.

Expresses how I feel about some people I have to deal with at work. The blame-shifting, tactless and pushy kind.

Into 2015 and a look back at 2014

DR and I spent the new year at home, reflecting on the past year. Both of us agreed that year 2014 had been less than rosy for the both of us. To say that is an understatement. We had our most stressful periods in the last year – for work, studies and even our marriage. It was a rough, rough year and we are glad that it is over.

One thing I reflected on was how I managed the stress I had. Looking back, I think I ought to have taken breaks away from work like go out to have lunch, instead of cooping myself up in the office. Another major contributor of my stress was my “godly desire” to have a good name because Proverbs 22:1 said that: “A good name is more desirable than great riches…”. I did not want to tarnish God’s name with lacklustre work – this made me had the mentality of wanting to do better with my own limited efforts. The problem was: I used my own efforts, failing to see that it was God who enabled me to do my work; failing to trust that the capacity that He had given me at that time, was what would be needed – nothing more, nothing less. I cared too much about my own name and made this desire into an idol, displacing God from the centre.

Our Lord is gracious. Hence, for the new year, as we were praying, Psalm 91 came into DR’s mind and we decided that it would be our theme verse for this year. As I read the verse, I feel that it was God’s way of reminding us that in 2015, let us always turn to Him as our refuge and strength. Even when we meet hardships and difficult times, God promised that He would let no harm come upon us, as long as we make Him our refuge and dwell in Him. In other words, ALWAYS TURN TO GOD! It sounds easy, but really, it can be very difficult when our emotions tell us that you should try and do it on your own – to prove yourself. May the Holy Spirit remind us to turn to our Lord, and that we will be ready to listen and respond to Him.

Here’s to a better and more exciting 2015!