Daehan, Minguk, Manse! – My favourite triplets on TV

I haven’t been watching TV for a long time, but ever since I realised I have awesome channels like Channel M and KBS World on my cable subscription, I’ve been watching different Korean shows like “Let Me In” and “Ten”. My recent favourite is KBS World’s “The Return of Superman” where 4 celebrity dads have to take care of their kids on their own, generally without the mummies.

I think it is a great show that helps us understand the importance of daddies, and how they take care of children differently from their mothers. Generally, daddies – because of their physical strength and more adventurous streak (compared to mummies), give the kids something different from the nurturing love of mothers.

In the show, my favourite kids are the triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse! Their dad (Song Il-Kook, apparently famous because of the Korean show, Jumong but I didn’t know until now) is really such a caring and sweet dad to them… Mostly, I see him kissing them, feeding them, and bringing them out for outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, cycling. And he is also good-looking! *swoons* Did you know the triplets’ names mean, 大韩, 民国,万岁 (English: Republic of Korea, hurrah!)? How patriotic! Song Il-Kook even said he thought of his future daughters names in one of the episodes.. They would be called “Our Land” in Korean.

Apart from the cuteness of the kids, Song Il-Kook’s dedication to his children and admiration & love for his wife drew me to this family. In Episode 35 (I think), he related how his wife’s pregnancy of the triplets was painful and difficult for the both of them. The doctor actually advised them to abort one of the kids so that it would be safer for the wife and two other kids in the womb. But Song’s wife refused, and chose to carry on with the pregnancy. When he was talking about it, he teared when he recalled the pain he saw in his wife when she had to walk merely a short distance during the pregnancy. I can tell it had not been easy for this couple to conceive and take care of the children. Even when the triplets were born, the couple had to deal with problems that the kids faced (e.g. extreme skin sensitivity).

Here are some of the screenshots of the show.

Daehan and Minguk (the first and second child)

Daehan and Minguk (the first and second child)


The triplets on an outing, with Manse sulking.

The triplets on an outing, with Manse sulking.

Song Il-Kook - relating how he had became more open to talk to other parents after he became a dad, as he used to an introvert.

Song Il-Kook – relating how he had became more open to talk to other parents he sees on the streets after he became a dad, as he used to an introvert.

Song Il-Kook reads a bedtime story for his triplets.

Song Il-Kook reads a bedtime story for his triplets.

I think this show deserves more recognition, for showcasing how dads can play a part in parenting. It should be part of the “Dads for Life” campaign in Singapore!

After watching this show, my maternal instincts are also slowly creeping in… I am sure DR would be a great dad to our kids!

Feeling September

September – with summer almost over and autumn drawing near, feels like a month of reflection. I can’t believe that we are now only left with 3 months to the end of 2014!

I am turning 27 this month, and I am exceptionally pensive. While I feel old, my Director kept telling me that I am still young. Being 27 is actually a good place to be at to make changes as I have yet to carry the full load of responsibilities of an adult (e.g. kids + management of staff at work + elderly parents), and there seems to be still a little bit more time before you hit the big-and-very-mature-sounding “30”. 

Okay, enough of emo-ing! Sometimes, I realise I think too much, imagine too much that I’ve failed to enjoy my present life and realise that I have so many things to learn from my current experiences. I think one thing I have learned this year is to live in the present, and stop fretting about what would happen in the future or whether I am fulfilling my calling, or whatever. While I remember my calling, I believe also that each step I take, no matter how illogical it may seem to me, is always within God’s plan. Calling or no calling, the important thing I should seek is having God in my everyday. 

Anyway, I would like to share with you all about my new hobby – reading up about house renovation! I want to arm myself with as much information I can so that I don’t become some ID/Contractor’s “carrot”. Also, I am starting to research on how our home would be like – Scandinavian/industrial/resort style? I see so many people going for the Scandinavian style… which I think in layman terms, is the Ikea style lah… hahaha. 

I also amazed myself by coming up with a rather decent house planning spreadsheet. This Excel spreadsheet provides me a reference for my budget, decor ideas, a list of IDs/contractors to consider, and useful links to take note that could help me in appliance/furnishing shopping/renovation! I used to be so frightened of using Excel. But because of my work, I guess Excel doesn’t seem too daunting in the end 🙂 Yup, I’ve grown professionally! Heh.