A prayer for Mr Lee Kuan Yew

When I saw how frail Mr Lee Kuan Yew was in photos of him attending the National Day Parade 2014 and his constituency’s National Day dinner, I can’t help but whisper a prayer for him – that he would know Jesus Christ as God, be saved, and receive eternal life in Christ.

I have been thinking about deaths recently. The transience of life makes me realise I do not have forever… If I am fortunate, I will live another 50 to 60 years. This isn’t very long when compared to eternity. Lord, set my eyes on Your eternity, so that I know what are the important things to pursue. 


An answered prayer

The trip to Korea for the Asia Chinese Christian Conference was a break that I really needed after a hectic 7 months. Not only am I physically rested, mentally and spiritually, I am recharged. The quiet times at the prayer mountain, the worship, the sermons, the prayer meeting at Yoido Church… all helped to realign my whole being together again.

The last time I went, it was in Jul 2009 – the year before I was about to graduate (I graduated in Jul 2010). Then, I wanted to seek God for my next step after my graduation. I received my calling then.

5 years have passed, and I am now entering into the 5th year of work as a young adult. For the trip this time round, I wanted to ask God to reveal His directions for me next… to be one step closer to my calling. This is also a prayer I made on 31 Dec last year at the countdown church service.

For the first few days at the prayer mountain, I prayed. But answers did not come. I was expecting God to tell me where He wanted me to be in for my job (i.e. which organisation should I work for next). On the last morning, I decided I needed to go to the top of the prayer mountain (erm, in case you think it is really a mountain, it isn’t exactly a mountain but more of a little hill) to pray more. God indeed spoke… But what God revealed to me was my heart issue. He didn’t tell me where I was supposed to be next, but He showed me what had been stopping me from embracing my calling. I realise… I have been subconsciously avoiding it over these years. I lacked faith. God told me other things related to this, but I think that will be another story for another time.

So that morning, God graciously answered my prayer. I am now one step closer to my calling, and it starts by embracing it, and having faith that He will accomplish it although I am not sure when or how 🙂 Lord, sustain my faith!