My little success – Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake

So, you think I’m a noob cook? Well, think again. I managed to make a cheesecake! A non-bake one… haha.. so technically speaking, I didn’t “cook”. But the results made me so happy, I feel like I have accomplished a great cooking feat.

Presenting the strawberry jelly hearts cheesecake I made for DR’s 28th birthday.





I spent 3 days to make this cake as I needed one day to chill each layer. First the crushed digestive biscuits base, then the cheesecake layer and then the jelly. On hindsight, I think I would have used less jelly so that the cheesecake layer gets more attention. Nonetheless, I find this cake still a success as DR enjoyed it! It is not easy to have DR like something as he has a rather picky tastebud.

I would like to thank my sister for helping me buy the cream cheese and lending me her MIL’s electric whisk, making this cake possible!

Anyway, if you all are interested to make this cake, I got the recipe from this website:

To give my cheesecake layer a little oomph, I added a little lemon juice which wasn’t stated in this recipe. I am thinking… I can also tweak this recipe and make an oreo cheesecake. I don’t feel like a noob cook after this little successful cake-making attempt. Yay!



Pastor John Piper posted this on his FB profile:

Don’t lean on your own sense of how peaceful this moment is. Sorrows are nearer than you think. Lean on God’s sovereignty.

I can’t agree how true this statement is for me for the past half a year or so. Just when I thought everything was smooth-sailing, too comfortable, too direction-less, God intervened. Isn’t smooth-sailing good, you ask? Well, a ship can have a smooth-sailing journey but if it does not reach its intended destination, it’s no use. I felt that I was on a safe ship but I was heading nowhere. And then the storm raged; I had to deal with so many issues that made me feel so lousy and doubtful of myself.

So, much as I think the past half a year has been tough, I would like to thank God for allowing me to go through it. I am certain the Lord is using this experience to prepare me for the future I have yet to see… This is a direction!

Am still leaning on God’s sovereignty, but I am also seeing how God has been so good to me by sending people to encourage me… I sense the Light driving out darkness slowly, that I may see His glory more clearly.