My favourite bakeries

Bread-buying, especially bread-buying in a nice bakery, is therapeutic for me. I love to see rustic bread, crumbly muffins and warm, fluffy buns on display. It makes me feel wholesome, and as if I am in a quaint countryside. Here are some bakeries I think are worth going as their breads/cakes are delicious, and are often generous with their ingredients.

1) Duke Bakery, United Square. I like it that they offer bread samples for customers, so that we can taste it before buying. I was there yesterday and tried a few breads… Their fluffy Hokkaido Azuki Bean & Milk Toast is perfumed with fragrant Azuki beans and leaves a milky aftertaste. Their Orange and Walnut bread – soft and flavourful. I bought the Hokkaido Double Cheese at $4.50 – it was soft and encrusted with plenty of cheese cubes. Yummers! Look at the menu below. Don’t you feel like trying everything?

2) Peck, Takashimaya B1. Four Leaves’ sister brand. It offers plenty of rustic breads, olive and bacon ciabattas, spinach + bacon bread… Reasonable prices and they are generous with the ingredients.

3) Cedele, Raffles City B1/Novena Square. Grab a tray. Place a parchment paper on the tray. Pick up crumbly muffins and rustic rolls from their shelves. See the cashier place them in a paper bag. It is an experience. Bought their 2-berries muffin ($2.80) and walnut cinnamon sticky bun ($2.50) yesterday, and they were delish! Their carrot cake… one of my favourites in Singapore.

4) Baker’s Treat, Bendemeer Mall/Admiralty Wet Market. They bake such wonderfully affordable buns for the masses. Their Golden Sands bun ($0.90) is a must-try. I frequently grab one of those when I feel peckish, and need something small to quieten the tummy growls at the end of the day. Their cranberry cheese and bo luo buns are worth the buy too! Most of the time, their buns are hot, and with prices that are so friendly, ranging from $0.90 to $1.40 (I think… everything is definitely below $1.50), it is no wonder you see many people carting off a bag-full of Baker’s Treat’s buns during peak hours.


Go try them! 😀