Quirky household items I want

DR and I were browsing kitchen ware and products at Tangs, after walking past the absurd, snaking queue for fried dough at the newly open Krispy Kreme. Similar to Krispy Kreme, there were a lot of products over there that were more of a “want” than a “need”.  Nespresso machines, honey syrup spoons, Le Creuset pots…. etc. I have always been a strong advocate for buying “need” products. On the other hand, I find some “want” products quirky, fascinating… and wouldn’t mind having them at our new place –  if only I can convince myself that they are worth it.

Presenting you the top 3 household items that I want:

1) Sodastream – It allows you to carbonate beverages (yes, if you want to carbonate milk, you can do so, though I doubt people like fizzy milk… *yucks*). We saw the demonstration by the sales lady and it was incredible. Without batteries and electricity, you get to fizz up your drink with a help of a carbonator (a slim, pressurised can of carbon dioxide). Each carbonator allows us to fizz up to 60 litres of water. When it finishes, you can buy refills either from Tangs or Taka.

Imagine a cooling, fizzy ribena or lemon tea or juice drinks, any time at home! Sparkling water every day, if you like!

2) Yonanas – Touting itself as a healthy dessert maker, this could be a must-have for many when one feels like having ice-cream on a humid day but don’t want the fats that come from the milk. Basically, what you do is freeze the fruits (works best with bananas and berries), place the frozen fruit in the small machine, pull the lever down and voila, frozen fruit soft serve – minus the fats!  I may get this for our new place. It is good for entertaining guests (:

3) Vintage tea cups – I will feel like a princess when I drink from vintage tea cups! Look at the picture below. Isn’t it lovely? Now it needs some hot scones and jam at the side.


Woodlands Waterfront – Wow!

Aching buttocks – they are worth it after cycling to Woodlands Waterfront last evening.

DR and I bought a bike last afternoon and that evening, we cycled to Woodlands Waterfront – me on my mom’s bike and he on his spanking new one.

It wasn’t too far a ride – about 3km, I think? But wow… I was amazed that this part of Singapore existed – and so near my house!

Many families and young people were there preparing to take pictures at dusk, fishing, cycling or just enjoying the sea breeze. We could clearly see JB from the waterfront and even the bridge that links both Singapore and Malaysia together.

From our side, I saw JB and I thought, one swim away and I can get cheaper groceries already! El-cheapo me. Haha… Gosh. I gotta stop thinking this way! Having said that, I haven’t been to JB to buy groceries even though I live in Woodlands. Can’t stand the congestions.

Okay, now to food! Woodlands Waterfront has this halal restaurant, Rasa Istimewa, right in the middle of the pier, which I heard serves good zi char and satay. It was really packed – likely because it is the only shop there and also because it offers a great evening view of the causeway. A little ride down the road towards Woodlands Green, DR and I saw many monkeys. Baby ones, adult ones… It was like a zoo – except these monkeys were not in enclosures. We got closer to them and DR took pictures of them. One scene was quite amusing… A mama (or could be papa) monkey was scratching the butt of the baby, which looked strangely human-like.

Let me share some beautiful pictures taken there.




Admiring the view


Seeing the coastline of JB – so near yet so far.


Not sure what this vessel does. Its name is “Endear”


the flaming ball

I am glad we bought the new bike and cycled together there. It was good bonding time together. Let’s just say this cycling trip there won’t be the last!