Imaginative (and silly) childhood activities

Over dinner last night, Sarah and I started recalling the things we did and played when we were children. We were bursting into peals of laughter as we thought about the silly, naughty and imaginative activities we were involved in, some of which really amused DR as we related these stories to him. Here are some:

1. While on supermarket trips with mom, Sarah would sometimes go and squeeze the mangoes and apples real hard. Reeeaaaalllly hard.

2. After being discovered by me for reading my diary post on my list of crushes, Sarah who was then 9 years old tore out that page from my diary and swallowed it in panic.

3. We once twirled around in circles until we had the vertigo effect. We immediately collapsed on our beds and suffered a fever for the next couple of days.

4. We played “masak masak” (make-believe family) where Sarah was the mom and I was the daughter. Problem was she was the younger sister.

5. We used to pretend to burn paper money – by throwing pieces of toilet paper while kneeling at the toilet bowl in mock grief. Watched one too many Channel 8 dramas. Sigh.

6. Joe joe recently reminded me that I invented a bicycle game called “Adventure Ride” where somebody would lead a few of us on bikes by cycling really quickly with no prior plans about where we would go. There could be sudden swerves midway!

7. “Water babies” – a game Angie, Sarah and I used to play when in the bathroom in primary school when we had stayovers. We basically just soaped up the entire bathroom floor and ourselves to make everything slippery -.-


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