What PSI 321 revealed to me

When Singapore’s PSI soared just this Wednesday evening to 321, people were frantic and complaining how the haze was a major hazard. I was one of those who would also check the PSI on the NEA website and lament about the suffocating smoke. However, that same day, another university acquaintance posted a radically refreshing message on Facebook.

While the social media were abuzz with plenty of complaints and laments, this university acquaintance actually posted, “God bless Indonesia… may the land produce a good harvest for them!”. His message drew me back to the Bible where Jesus had asked us to love our enemies and even bless them when they curse you. Such radical love and blessing of others are what we have been called to do. This message led me to continue to think about God’s word.

As I pondered about God and His word in the midst of fear, anxieties and complaints, I wondered if I was behaving like an Israelite – complaining and asking God for short-term relief, forgetting God’s greatness after a magnificent exodus from Egypt. God then revealed his greatness to me. Oftentimes, Singapore thinks she has it all – good governance, robust infrastructure, first-class talents, clean streets… But through this haze caused by the burning of Indonesia’s forests, God demonstrated that He is the sovereign one. Much as we always like to think that we can have everything, take control and shape our own destiny, we realise that sometimes there are adversities that are simply beyond our control, just like this haze. Singapore has clean air, water and always lauded for having no pollution etc… but when palm oil producers in Indonesia decide to slash and burn the forests, we are as helpless as a newborn babe. This is when I realise that Man is so limited. However, God remains sovereign above all. Knowing this in my heart then quelled my anxieties about bad health caused by the haze and got rid of the incessant checking of PSI.

I’ll take the haze as it comes because I believe God is in control amidst this seemingly hopeless situation. Let’s all continue to pray!


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