Killing the cockroach with God

You may be laughing at the title of this blog post but yes, I did kill the cockroach(es) with God.

One morning, DR told me he saw a baby cockroach scurrying across our table but he couldn’t it crush it in time. We were all rushing for work so there was no way to hunt this baby roach. I was scared as the existence of a baby roach meant that there could be roaches elsewhere. That morning, I prayed hard to God, asking Him to kill it… Though the fear of that roach crawling on my bed crossed my mind (URRRGGGGHHH), I quickly submitted these fears to God and continued to ask of the Lord to kill it.

That same evening, as I stepped into my dad’s room, I saw a teeny weeny, roach-like creature… And that moment, I knew God had answered my prayer as I went forward to crush and flush it down the toilet bowl. From then, I had a peace of mind.

That was one week ago.

Today, a small roach appeared as I was clearing the dustbin in our room. I managed to kill it and instinctively, I had that feeling this roach was the one that DR saw last week. I noticed that this roach had some sort of colour at its back so I texted DR to confirm. It was confirmed – the one I killed today was the roach DR saw last week. I thank the Lord for allowing me to see it and then kill it. So yes, two cockroaches killed; the first one to calm my imaginative, fearful mind and the second, to confirm that the actual cockroach had been killed.

I learnt two lessons:

1) When God wants to accomplish something, in this case killing the cockroach, He does it through human hands so that He can receive the glory.

2) I need to clean our room properly :S




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