What saved Iron Man 3 from being a total disappointment

I paid $10.50 to watch Iron Man 3 in the cinema theatre on May Day. That, to me, was  exorbitant so I would expect nothing less out of the movie.

At the end of the movie, I felt that it was OKAY lah. I was particularly disappointed with Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. It was such a waste of Kingsley’s talent!! I had such high expectation of his villain role and when it was revealed that he was merely a decoy, I was really annoyed. Despite exposing him as a decoy, I was still harbouring thoughts that Mandarin could be this psycho-maniac who would in the end turn into a super villain. But he didn’t. Felt super cheated.

So yes, I list the saving grace of Iron Man 3 which savaged it from being a total disappointment:

1) Robert Downey Jr looked so much sleeker and more charming in this movie. His goatee – nothing short of perfect. Love his cheeky charm with his fans in the movie too.

2) Tony Stark showing his sweet side to the little boy as “The Mechanic”.

3) Tony Stark wearing a Dora the Explorer watch – great moment!

4) The post-credits scene with the Hulk… Short, cute and tickling!

Can’t think of #5… Oh wells!