Hello 2013!

I said my goodbyes to 2012 and hellos to 2013 in Taipei, drinking bubbly with the Hubby and lying on the hotel bed watching Aaron Kwok’s hardworking attempts to engage the mandarin, Taipei 101 crowd with loads of “好不好” (and the audience will say, “好”!! for every other thing). Our first trip to Taiwan had been a memorable trip with endless eating, squeezing with tons of tourists at Jiufen and Raohe as well as drastic weather changes.

The Hubbs enjoyed the cold weather so much that he was already planning for his next trip to somewhere cold (Taiwan or Korea, perhaps?) when we were nearing the end of our trip. As what every Taiwan fan would say, Taiwan is certainly one place you can never finish exploring in one trip. Plus, it is really affordable and easy to travel there. When we came back from Taiwan, knowing that it is relatively inexpensive and has so many things to see, dad and mom were so eager that mom asked me to organise a trip for our whole family. I would love to do so… now, to find a suitable time.

So yes, it is hello 2013. A new year comes new challenges…but I won’t be meeting them alone cos I have DR now 🙂  This year, I would want to read more of God’s word and act it out, so that my faith may be more alive. I realise I like to ponder and analyse what the Bible says about faith but when it comes to doing it, I am selective. The Hubbs has been reminding me to think about His word, yes, but also to take steps to consider what ought to be adjusted in my life and to really ADJUST it.

I am still seeking the key verse for this year. Last year was John 15:1-11 on remaining in Christ. Claiming the promise from God’s word really helped me pull through tough circumstances at work.

Whichever way, I welcome 2013 with both arms!