Bachelorette’s Party x Part 1

Before we move on to updates on my wedding or “honeystar” vacation, how could I forget the wonderful bachelorette’s parties I had?

As you can see from my title, one post isn’t enough as I had two bachelorette’s parties with both my church girlfriends and JC gal pals. I shall leave the second “party” for Part Two.

For the first one, my sister, who’s also my chief bridesmaid organised a Sunday for us to gather to catch up, wine and dine. After church service, we trooped to The Wine Company at Sentosa boardwalk which has a gorgeous stained glass background, and had cushy, velvety seats. Makes you feel like a Medieval queen for the day. We spent our afternoon there whiling away the hours, talking and quizzing me strange questions about DR.

And the highlight for the day…. a private dining space at 1 Kampong Bahru!


The private space for the 6 of us, decorated to the theme of blue. Lovely, isn’t it?


The menu for the night – specially tailored and vetted by Sarah


First up: Potato and Leek Soup, flavoured with truffle salt. Before the soup came, we were drinking bubbly and ciders like it’s free. Well, actually, it was free-flow 😛


Still the entree – Saffron risotto. Rather filling but oh the prawns were good.


THE MAINS: Roast beef and asparagus. Sarah specially told them to prepare beef cos I am quite a beef lover (well, thanks to bowls of beef soups I was made to drink when I young to strengthen my body against childhood asthma)


Dessert: Pomegranate Oolong Panna Cotta. Love the subtle fragrance of oolong tea infused in the wobbly, smooth panna cotta. Too bad I was a little to full (and a little drunk, teehee!) to finish everything

All in all, it was a wonderful dining experience with loads of bashful laughter and honest talk. We had other entertaining stuff too but I guess, some things are better left unsaid in the public sphere. Let’s just say it didn’t involve any other boys/men at all, okay. Now, don’t think dirty!

Prayer for tonight

That we will learn to love people lavishly, and to trust that God will guide each and every step of our lives – no matter how winding, how daunting, how uncertain the path is –  until we accomplish what He has made us to complete.

She elbowed him

I am terribly tickled by a little sleeping incident. I don’t know what was going through my mind last night while sleeping but I remembered pushing my way through. Then, I got a firm nudge from the other side of the bed with a faint plea/retort – “what are you doing….?”

Just this evening, the Husband told me I was elbowing him on his forehead in my sleep! It was apparently not a slight push but a forceful one.

Wow. I am so scary. *evil laughter*