Becoming Mrs Chong

Hi readers, it have been months since I last blogged, and here I am now blogging with a different status – I’m a Missus!

DR and I have gone for our “honeystar” (the shorter version of a honeymoon) at this fantastic place called Ayara Hilltops Boutique Resort and Spa. Though there are not a lot of food options (plus, expensive too!) around the vicinity, the service, beach, room spaciousness and breakfast (oh the spread – it was fit for a king!) all made up for it. It’s highly recommended and if I can, I’ll blog about it in my next post.

It has been 16 days since I’ve become Mrs Chong. I’ve ever considered adopting a double-barreled surname to reflect my identity as both an individual and DR’s wife. But I think it can’t work out. Imagine – Mrs Chong-Chang. It sounds like cymbals clashing. It even sounds racist (did I hear you calling me a ching chong??)! So there, I would like to still be known as Ms Chang but I will still respond to Mrs Chong 🙂

Many people had also asked me how it was to be married but I guess the full impact of becoming a wife hasn’t really sunk in as I still have limited household chores to do!  One thing’s for sure is that we see each other every day and I’m glad to do so. I also notice that I’ve become more obedient and less of a procrastinator. Haha! And I now try to find opportunities to wash the dishes and clothes. Now the next thing to becoming The Good Wife is to learn how to cook simple dishes. But that’s for another story.

Till then, let me leave you with one of my favourite pre-wedding photos of us at the National Museum: