A post after a long time

I realise my enthusisam for blogging has dwindled significantly over the past months. This is partly due to other distractions in the forms of TVB dramas and “Scramble with Friends” app (where you learn that “sos”, “tet” and “trows” are actually words!)

At the work front, there have been a lot of changes recently. New bosses and possibly new office space. At the national front, there’s always sex scandals to keep us riveted and to serve as water cooler topics. At the personal front, I’ve been kept busy with wedding preparations and understanding myself.

Updates aside, I always like to jot down values and stories I’ve learned by observing what my colleagues say and act. So, in this post, let’s just do that.

Lesson #1 – To be a leader, one must be fearless – unafraid of failures or embarrassments. To note – fearless doesn’t mean reckless. It means being prepared and able to withstand the consequences that will come as a result of your own decision or the decisions of your subordinates (but that means you have to train them well but ah, that’s another story). I’ve seen how cautious bosses fail to thrive, resulting in unmotivated staff.

Lesson #2 – “Under-promise, Over-deliver” – one of my big bosses favourite phrase. In the workplace, it’s about managing expectations and making sure that you keep your promise. If you know you can’t do it, so be it. Don’t think that by doing a lot of projects, people will think highly of you. I realise if there’s no depth or thought given to the project, sooner or later, it’ll crumble. It’s much more important to keep promises. So it’s better to do one big project and make it excellent rather than do many different projects in a slipshod manner.

Lesson #3 – To always pray in all circumstances even if the situation looks dire. I’ve seen how prayers to our listening and sovereign God have gradually changed the organisational culture for the better.

Lesson #4 – Conflicts exist but more good ideas are generated if people work well together.

Lesson #5 – Always put up a united front if you are in team (even if you hate another fellow member). 团结就是力量!

That’s all for now 🙂 goodnight!

Marks & Spencer Honey Roasted Ham crisps

This packet of crisps has got to be the best I’ve tasted so far!

And, doesn’t the packaging look clean and pretty? Right fonts (love the font for the crisps!) and right words (e.g. “delicious”, “moreish”, “less fat” – ahh, very important ah!)

It is also addictive. Once I popped one chip in my mouth, I found it incredibly hard to stop.

It is glorious SGD$4.50 worth of delicious crisps. I am targeting to try Marks & Spencer’s Full-On Flavour “Roasted Beef and Onion” next. Doesn’t it sound yummalicious already?