Mummy for the win

Sarah decided to play a word game with Mum and me one night. She got us to think of 3 words that start with the letter “K” to describe God.

In my mind, “K”… wow, not easy.

Mum (almost immediately): Kind

Me: Wah not bad..

Mum: Hmm.. Keen.

Sarah: Okay..

Me (still wracking my brain): Uhhh… “Koncerned”?

Sarah: …. -.-” Come on, just a last word!

After a few seconds…

Mum: Hmm.. Knowledgeable.

Me and Sarah: Wow! Mummy 你好厉害 (Mummy, you are brilliant)!

So, here you see, a graduate got trumped by her primary-school educated mother. So proud of my mummy! It has got to be the Holy Spirit within her!

Today’s her birthday – so here’s wishing her many more great and Spirit-filled years to come!


Increasing birth rates, one blackout at a time

Our colleagues asked me this morning how many children I wanted to have in the future. I ended up speculating how we could increase birth rates here in Singapore 😛 😛

Here goes our conversation:

Colleague: How many children would you like in the future?

Me: Should be two. To be honest, previously I said I wanted three. Reason being, if one died, there’s would still be two left.

Colleague: Oh…. (pauses for a while) But that’s quite a farmer’s mentality!

Me: Hahahaha!

Colleague: Ya, it’s true. They usually give birth to more children so that their chances of survival are higher. This way, they have more labour to help in their farms.

Me: My friends and I have another theory – The reason for spilling birth rates in rural areas is that farmers have nothing better to do at night. So the only activity is to… *winks*

Colleague: Plus, they have no lights! Makes for a very conducive environment.

Me: *sniggles*

Colleague: Oh but I heard that to control birth rates, farmers were given televisions. This way, they would be kept entertained and they won’t engage in “the process of procreation”


From our conversation, I deduced two rather simplistic but plausible reasons why Singaporeans do not procreate as much:

1. We have lights – not conducive enough

2. We have televisions/the Internet/the computer/magazines to keep us too occupied

So, in order to encourage procreation, we need total blackouts nation-wide. Yes, cut off our electricity source in all entertainment outlets, all housing residences! And we must do so frequently. This way, with no electricity and thus, no lights and electronic devices as distractions, people may be keen to…. YOU GET THE IDEA? Teehee! Helps to reduce everyone’s electricity bill too!

The tagline for this nation-wide campaign shall be: Increasing birth rates, one blackout at a time.

Brilliant, no??! LOL.

Korean BBQ

At this hour, I’m craving for Korean BBQ, especially the one from Sampo (near Tanjong Pagar). BBQ-ed pork and beef bulgogi, together with their fragrant rice and a wide variety of side dishes, PLUS kimchi jigae – (kimchi soup)!

I think I’m growing fat just by thinking about it.

Time for QT.

Cheap and good

When in China, these are my favourite food:

1. 烧烤(BBQed veggies, potatoes, mushrooms, fish tofu, meat, zucchini etc- all smeared with chilli flakes)

2. 豆浆油条 (soya bean milk and you tiao aka fried fritters) – when I had it at a roadside stall, it only costs RMB¥2. THAT’S only SGD $0.40!!!

3. 小笼包 (Xiao long bao) – the ones I’ve seen over there were no Crystal Jade but boy, were they good in their own way. It’s like mini meat buns but with with moist and hot filling and thicker yet fluffier skin. Costs rmb¥5 (SGD$1) for a bag of 10-12.

Photographic evidence for food items #2 and #3:



A personal retreat to the land of spits and special people

Hi, I’m able to blog today because I’m on MC. To be honest, I’m feeling okay (and I told my boss) but I have this persistent runny nose that blocks up every time I’m in my air-conditioned office. It makes my throat itch so I tend to cough and sneeze in office. To be safe, since I just came back from overseas (don’t want another SARS!), I went to the doctor’s. In the end, the doctor prescribed antibiotics and other tablets, saying that my throat was really swollen and my nose was a problem, thus giving me two days of MC! Wah so many days… so serious meh? Anyway if I’m good, I plan to go back to work tomorrow.

So yes, today I had my fair share of rest so I can plan for my wedding and also jot down my thoughts about my recent trip to the land of spits and special people.

Why spits? You know… this is a perennial problem everywhere over there.

Why special people? Because this land is where a group of girls, whom I met 6 years ago, live and they hold a special place in my heart. Naturally, I was elated to see them after so long and they’ve grown into young ladies now. I also met another group of earnest and warm young people, and they’ve become special because I want to remember and pray for them and their ministry.

I’m truly thankful for the time of learning and sharing together. Instead of me giving, I find that I learn more from them and through the lessons taught to them. I knew God was speaking to me personally this entire journey – from the beginning (where I experienced a 12-hour delay/wait at the airport alone) till the end (where I experienced another delay).

The realisation of our transient life

As I was sitting alone in the plane, it suddenly crossed my mind that nothing I have is forever. My future HDB flat is technically “rented” for 99 years, so the price I pay is actually “rent”. I often base the value of my purchase by the potential number of times I can use it, knowing that it probably won’t last till I’m old (or till the day I want another item). For example, if I spend $400 on a camera, I calculate to see if I can use it for at least three years – making it $130+/year, which is rather affordable. Once again, it’s like paying “rent”. Since all the things I own are like rented items, I feel I have no concrete stake in them because I can’t have them forever.

Then, during the trip, another reminder came while we were going through the Book of Ecclesiastes –

“Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb,
and as everyone comes, so they depart.
They take nothing from their toil
that they can carry in their hands” (Ecc 5:15)

From that moment, I knew God was reminding me to always remember eternity in my heart, to prepare for eternity and not clamour for things that do not have real value in the end. Even in my giving to the Lord, I repented. Because tithes were not enough! My increase in bank account was not for my own consumption, it’s for the Lord. I did not invest enough in the Lord’s ministry.

I felt that God was drawing me out of Singapore and my work to speak to me. How sad that God had to do this just to speak clearly to me… Where was my heart in Singapore? But praise the Lord for His grace and mercy (:

Faith as small as a mustard seed

During the time when I had to wait at the airport for a connecting domestic flight, my body was exhausted but I knew I had to be alert as I was travelling alone. Tired and having to deal with strangers in a foreign land, this verse of having faith as small as a mustard seed came to mind. I remember a pastor saying that the focus is not how much I faith I possess but the Almighty and Sovereign God whom I have faith in. If God is magnified in my heart, my little faith (even if it’s really teeny weeny) will move mountains.

Let me give an example. If there’s an inheritance of 1 million, and I get 0.1% of it, I will have $1000. If my grandma has 1 BILLION, and I have 0.1% of it, I would have $1 MILLION DOLLARS! So, if we see more of God (from 1 million to 1 billion) in our lives, even if our faith is 0.1%, we can have faith that move mountains. And such was the faith in our Big God that led me safely to my destination to meet the rest of the team.

I have more to share but I shall do it another time because it’s time for dinner now! Hahaha..