6 more months to the BIG DAY

Okay, almost 6 more months to the big day in October… And I am as relaxed as a security guard on a Saturday afternoon.

But this is made possible by very meticulous friends who never fail to remind me what I need to do to prepare.

I hope to just enjoy the process and have a fun wedding! Now, to decide on the wedding invitation and favours…


Things I learn at work

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”  Matthew 10:16

Even though this was what Jesus said to his twelve disciples when he sent them among their own people for ministry work, it applies to those who are working outside of church and those still in school. Because where you are, there your ministry will be.

In the same way, this was one of the main things I’ve learnt while working – to be as “shrewd as snakes, innocent as doves”.

I used to be very trusting and naive, believing that there every person I met were good and kind people and would help you if you needed help. But it wasn’t true… There were politics.

To be as shrewd as a snake, one has to be alert about the dangers that will come your way. It will not take unnecessary risks. If one knows that you are approaching danger that it beyond your control (e.g deal with difficult seniors whom you are not reporting to), avoid it and don’t act brave and take it one-on-one. At the same time, to be as innocent as a dove, one has to maintain one’s standards and principles as a Christian, in spite of temptations. To not give in to the evils of the world…

Another lesson I’ve learned – Once you know you have fulfilled your work capacity for each day (i.e done your best), stop, and go home. Work will never be finished (unless you work as newspaper reporter, but that’s another story). To practise this, it will be good if you put up a list of what you want to complete each day. Set realistic, achievable goals!

Lesson #3 – When presenting ideas on paper and in person, do not indulge in verbal diarrhoea. Be sharp and bring the points, reasons and issues to be discussed. It’s up to the audience to ask further questions if they need clarifications.

Lesson #4 – you are not the Messiah of your workplace. Help others only when you’re done with your work. This is not selfishness but it is only right to do your portion well as you are answerable for your work, not for other people’s work.

Another thing, be humble… If you need help with your work, say it professionally, not emotionally. Don’t wait till your plate is too full. Oftentimes, it’s the lack of communication that causes resentment towards the people who are giving you work. But the problem is, they even don’t know you have too much work because you just take them all in. Having said that, if your superiors keep piling you up with work, despite you telling him or her that you are overloaded,  one can only pray to God. 人的尽头就是神的开始。

Lastly, acknowledge that God is in sovereign and in control of all situations, including those moments or days when you feel absolutely helpless, dejected or plain sian. Jesus is not just a Sunday god, He’s the Lord of our everyday life. Jesus had indeed been faithful on occasions when I felt discouraged at work – he sent comforting Christian colleagues to encourage me with a timely word 🙂

Adventurous chips!

I was in the mood for some chips and I wanted to try something new…


So I got this packet of Spinach and Artichoke kettle-cooked chips. Adventurous eh? Got it at Cold Storage Causeway Point (the supermarket is looking awesome after a facelift and there are so many other interesting products available! But that’s another story for another time.)

I don’t exactly know how spinach and artichoke are supposed to taste like on chips, so perhaps that’s why I felt that they tasted normal. This packet of chips wasn’t heavily seasoned like most chips are, so I guess it’s difficult to gauge what’s its real taste.

Stay tune for the next post on Adventurous Chips, where I sample alternative brands of potato chips! Haha..