Counting my blessings

1) I’m proud to say I’ve been to one of the poorest provinces in China and experienced the worst of toilets (think: small hut with moving maggots below you as you pee)

2) I’ve felt the waters of the Mediterranean Sea tickling my feet and witnessed its beautiful shoreline in Tel Aviv, Israel.

3) I’ve enjoyed the care and concern of aunties, grandmas and mom since I was young.

4) I’m always under the watchful eyes of many spiritual seniors in church and work – good thing because they make sure I don’t falter in my walk with the Lord.

5) I’m no longer bonded by the poverty mindset! Breakthrough!

6) I have a lovely 24-storey flat waiting for me and DR towards 2015.

7) I have a generous (and sometimes bossy! haha!) sister who shares freebies she gets from her line of work (wah lau, cheap thrills… heh) and offers great help and advice.

8) I feel I’ve learned how to dream bigger dreams, ever since I stepped into 2012.

9) I have awesome colleagues who dispense honest and timely advice 😀

10) I’m surrounded by genuine girlfriends who brighten my day with their banter (;

11) I have fingers to play the piano, though not very well, still, I can serve with them.

12) I still haven’t lost touch to come up with an impromptu poetry!

13) I can sleep anywhere…. anytime! This is a GIFT! I know some people are really light sleepers and need a particular environment before they can sleep.

14) The amount in my bank account is increasing, even after setting aside 10% monthly tithes, 20% CPF (forced savings! In my Econs teacher, Mr. Nandwani’s words, our government is very good!), money for education loan repayment… hey, this is really God’s blessing!~

15) I have straight hair. Heh.

Ok, enough liao. Goodnight!


Never can understand retail therapy

I think DR is one lucky man. Because I’m not a woman who indulges lavishly on retail therapy when things are not doing so well in life. (psst. I only drink bubble tea. ahaha)

The only reason why I would spend on big-ticket items is when I know I’m going to use the item many times and need it to last for a long time. And it’s only when I see it as a need. I will not buy many many things just to make myself feel better.

When I see friends and acquaintances spending a lot to alleviate the tough reality (and even myself when I start to spam bubble tea), I can’t help but wonder… Can this void ever be filled? Will we ever find the solution after retail therapies, after drug therapies, after bubble tea therapies?

Then I remembered a quote from a sister’s FB…

Inside every human heart is a God-shaped vacuum that can only be filled by Jesus…


With that, I understood.

Honeystar destinations

I’m looking at the possible honeystar destinations and venues.

Oh before you wonder what’s a honeystar, it’s an unofficial term for a shorter version of a honeymoon. (Btw, I coined my own term – Honeygalaxy – where the two of you spend time together in retirement overseas. Hurhur…)

Some places I’ve shortlisted are:

1. Bali

2. Taiwan

3. Marina Bay Sands (come on, I’m sure in the deep recesses of your heart, you have thought of having a relaxing staycation at the oh-so-cool MBS!)

Or… should I save up the money and go for a real good holiday cum road trip in New Zealand?

What fills my tank and drains it

Everyone has a tank, according to Pastor Wayne Cordeiro in a sermon he gave for the Global Leaders’ Summit. The tank stores our energy and strength. If we keep serving in church or get busy without filling our tank, we suffer burnouts.

And God has reminded me to have my tank filled, 3 times, through different avenues, in a span of the past 2 weeks! (I realise that’s one of God’s personal ways to get me to listen up – by speaking and confirming the same message 3 times)

So basically, Pastor Cordeiro’s premise is that it is dangerous to be running on empty. If we know we are going to busy and doing things that will drain us, all the more we must do things that will fill our tank up. Don’t say “I have no time for this!” when you know a certain activity will fill your tank.

One of the things I did earlier in 2011 was coming up with a list on what fills me up and what drains me.

Here are some things that drain me:

1. Over-anxious bosses who breathe down my neck

2. Hot and humid afternoons

3. Meetings which require high concentration

Here are some things that fill my tank:

1. Lunch/dinner catch-ups with girl pals (JC and church friends)

2. Enjoying the expanses of nature (can never forget the satisfying and carefree feeling I had at Pasir Ris Park where I overlooked the sea, dotted with kelongs, and saw planes landing nearby at Changi)

3. Listening to encouraging testimonies of other people’s lives

4. Listening to Christian songs in the morning and John Mayer in the evening

In the new year, let’s be more intentional to fill up our tanks. When we know we are going to have a busier period, all the more we must do things that will fill our tanks. I need to come up with an updated list of what fills me and what drains me, especially when I know I’m going to have a busy and exciting 2012 with GOD and the people I treasure! Being aware of this will help prevent unnecessary burnouts and emotional breakdowns.