Israel Part II – Land of dramatic skies

Cut the words. Let’s just get on with the pictures I’ve taken over there!

Israel (or at least the coastal and northern part) is a land of dramatic skies. Here’s how.

Dramatic sky #1: Beach-goers playing at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Dramatic sky #2: Chilling out along Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Dramatic sky #3: View of the sunset from my room

Dramatic sky #4: On the way back from Golan Heights

Dramatic sky #5: The morning when it drizzled.

Dramatic sky #6: Nearing Dimona, the desert

Dramatic sky #7: That's me against the dramatic backdrop of the desert

Dramatic sky #8: The dusty desert

Dramatic sky #9: Yet another beautiful sunset on the way back. Love the warm orange tinges in the clouds.

Dramatic sky #10: Though this picture doesn't scream "DRAMATIC", I like how it is quietly majestic. Doesn't it bring peace to the soul?

I have more pictures of dramatic skies but let’s keep it to a perfect 10 for now. I have more photos to share but that will be for another post. Hope you enjoyed these pictures!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yue
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 14:58:32

    $8 is expensive for yogurt! :O

    Dramatic skies indeed! Why are SG skies so blah?


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