Israel Part II – Land of dramatic skies

Cut the words. Let’s just get on with the pictures I’ve taken over there!

Israel (or at least the coastal and northern part) is a land of dramatic skies. Here’s how.

Dramatic sky #1: Beach-goers playing at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Dramatic sky #2: Chilling out along Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Dramatic sky #3: View of the sunset from my room

Dramatic sky #4: On the way back from Golan Heights

Dramatic sky #5: The morning when it drizzled.

Dramatic sky #6: Nearing Dimona, the desert

Dramatic sky #7: That's me against the dramatic backdrop of the desert

Dramatic sky #8: The dusty desert

Dramatic sky #9: Yet another beautiful sunset on the way back. Love the warm orange tinges in the clouds.

Dramatic sky #10: Though this picture doesn't scream "DRAMATIC", I like how it is quietly majestic. Doesn't it bring peace to the soul?

I have more pictures of dramatic skies but let’s keep it to a perfect 10 for now. I have more photos to share but that will be for another post. Hope you enjoyed these pictures!


Important rule of thumb

The most important thing I’ve learned in the later half of the year is – “The grass is greener on the side where you water it.”

Applies to everything in life! In your work, your relationships and everything that you have.

It’s already December!

I don’t know what prompted me to say this but just this Tuesday evening, at the end of the work day, I commented to my colleague: “一天就这样过去了”.

After I said it, I couldn’t believe that yet another day has passed… And I asked myself, what meaningful things have I done for that day? The answer: Not anything significant that I know of…

You know how humans sometimes try to rationalise meaning in our work? I remember what Pastor Chen Zhan Mei mentioned in her sermon a couple of Sundays ago – All of us have our own individual tracks in life to run. Don’t go looking at other people’s tracks and try to run in theirs.

During prayer meeting that night, I brought an open heart to worship as I was asking a lot of questions about my current state of life. As I was worshipping, I knew Jesus walked to my left side and gave me a quick and really tight embrace, with one arm. He felt so strong and safe.

And in the Spirit, God spoke to me about an idea on introducing His kingdom to the workplace. It isn’t an entirely a new idea but it isn’t widely practised by many. Immediately, I thought of this idea for my church as well. Surely and slowly, God was piecing together His plans for His kingdom.

Turns out, that at the end of the day, 一天没有就这样过去… All because God spoke and meaning was then given to life.

So yes, it is December today. The year is coming to an end. Everyone is feeling relaxed and celebratory. Perhaps, amidst all the holiday buzz, all of us need to use this good time to take stock of our life for the past year. Don’t let just another day pass by the way it shouldn’t be.