Teaser post on my trip to Israel

Lack of updates for the past 8 days! Made a couple of major decisions. Ate a few bowls of ramen and fried chicken. That’s about it.

If you all remember, I flew to Country X a month ago (TIME FLIES!) for work/course. Many people thought that once I touch the land, I would feel a sense of awe… for I am in the holy land. But all I felt was… normal. I would love to go back to Israel in the future… not for work, but for my own personal tour and spend more time exploring Jerusalem (spent only half a day in the old city!! NOT ENOUGH!) , Tiberias (where the Sea of Galilee is) and the Red Sea (didn’t go there for this trip).

Here are some pictures to share. This is just a teaser post. Look out for Part II, III, IV, V… (depending on how much energy I have for each post)

Ben Gurion Airport - their sand-coloured walls are made of Jerusalem Stone (limestone particular to Jerusalem)

Excited - Snapped some pictures when I was on the bus out of the airport

The Mediterranean Sea view from the hotel balcony

YOGURT with unlimited toppings! Costs 20 Shekels (~SGD$8). For my toppings, I chose granola, pomegranate, almonds and chunky milk chocolate bits (:The Israelis love their yogurt. Yogurt shops are spotted everywhere... It's like one of their staples. Even their convenience stores carry yogurt, packed separately with granola and honey.

Okay, it’s late. I shall stop for now. Watch this space for subsequent blog posts (and more pictures) of this beautiful place.


He who condemns, is condemned

Psalm 34 gives the prelude – Of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelech (My own note: Abimelech is the the king of Gath, the hometown of Goliath and of whom David killed) , who drove him away, and he left. 

Entering into enemy’s territory, while running away from King Saul, David was petrified and thus, feign insanity to get out of trouble. So, what happened to this brave young man who earlier killed Goliath because he insulted God? What happened to his trust and faith in God? Why is he using his own method to get out of trouble?

Naturally, I was expecting Psalm 34 to be full of remorse and guilt.

But no, it speaks instead of God’s great mercy and love when we turn to Him. It wasn’t a psalm of condemnation for not trusting God. It was a psalm of salvation and redemption. It speaks of doing what God desires and turning away from our previous wrongs. It speaks of God’s closeness to us when we look to Him.

NOT A SIGN OF CONDEMNATION! What a liberation for me!

I wonder how many times I have blamed myself for using my own thinking to wriggle myself out of a situation, instead of trusting God for His way. I felt guilty and condemned that I was not a good Christian. But here, we see when we focus on God, the condemnation no longer holds.

And next, I remember clearly hearing from the Spirit that “the one who condemns, is condemned”. I realise that I have been judgmental towards others because I have been condemning myself.

With Psalm 34 – the chains of condemnation are broken!

Live in Tel Aviv, Israel

It’s Day 4 in Israel and I’m blogging live in Israel now. I’m in Tel Aviv to be exact and it’s 8.45pm now. Thank God for the free wireless Internet at the hotel.

I saw this wonderful sight from the balcony of my hotel room on Day 3 of my trip – a rainbow! It’s a bit faint but if you squint, you will see one at the left side of the breakwater. Will be back to blog more about this trip and will leave you with this pic for now 🙂