Because I’m worth it

Girls want to be wooed. It’s true.

It’s not enough to say “I like you” and expect the girl to reciprocate.

I was a skeptic to such things in the beginning. I didn’t want DR to buy me flowers or send me home or offer to carry my bag. I wanted to be the unconventional girl but in the end, I failed quite miserably.

When DR wooed me, he got me flowers and was really helpful whenever I needed to get something. I remember I was very irritated with him then. Heh.

In retrospect, I was blessed, yet I did not know I was. Being wooed showed that I am worth all the effort and money. It is an honour to be wooed.


A close sister and I were talking about guys liking girls, and it struck me that there is a difference why some guy could get girls and some couldn’t. A guy can pay a lot of lip service but if he doesn’t demonstrate with action that the girl is really special in his eyes, by doing the fundamental thing of courting her (e.g buying her flowers, being exceptionally helpful/gentlemanly towards her, writing cards on her birthday, showering her with simple gifts – no need for extravagance), forget about getting a girlfriend. Do not fall into the trap of elevating yourself to show how good you are in order to attract the girl. Remember that she’s the one who’s special and you want to do things that make her feel special, not things to boost your ego!

Another thing for men to remember, please be patient. Do not be so overly enthusiastic that you forget that the girl you are wooing is human, not an object or a goal to be achieved. Even if she rejects you after ALL your wooing efforts (I mean real actions, not just declarations please), be a gentleman. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger! You never know, perhaps the girl might be attracted to you after seeing you handle the rejection with so much poise and grace.

Lastly, remember that once you get that girl, continue to pursue her, just like how God loved and pursued relentlessly His people. Afterall, she is special and she’s worth it.


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