Fun things

Today, we competed to hold our breaths.

At 40 secs, I was almost like a red balloon threatening to burst at the slightest prick, and then I gave up.

DR managed to make it to the 1-min mark, with a smug (and flushed) face. So he won.

Haha cheap thrills – I like.


Butterscotch flavour burst!

It has got to be the best thing that has happened to McDonald’s this September – butterscotch flavour burst soft serve ice-cream! What’s even better? Swirls of creamy buttery sweet goodness at only 80 CENTS!

At first bite, the butterscotch flavour burst soft serve tasted like swirls of maple syrup over vanilla ice-cream. But as I explored it more, I realise it has hints of mild saltiness, that enhanced its flavour.

This evening, I couldn’t resist it. Even though I just had it last Saturday, I didn’t hesitate to drop by the dessert kiosk near my place to grab a butterscotch flavour burst cone to lick while walking home. This time round, it reminded me of Garett popcorn! Nice! A great respite from the hazy, warm evening.

True restedness

Caught in the relentless race for success, we often fall prey to seeing ourselves through harsh and critical lenses, rather than through God’s loving lenses. When we see that we don’t do well in something, we try even harder and end up frustrated at our own lousy efforts.

That was how I felt a couple of weeks back. It was a busy week and I had to prepare a lot of things for that weekend. Even with a lot of sleep, I still felt restless. I tried to chill out with TV advertisements, dramas and ice-cream. Didn’t help. Why couldn’t I just relax my whirling mind?

When I felt very tired and wanted to skip the last day of IDMC a couple of weeks back, the Spirit within me urged me to do the right thing – to attend the last day even though I have already missed more than half of the conference.

So during the last session of IDMC, my heart stirred when I heard the message from Ps Edmund Chan. It spoke to me and I re-affirmed my calling. It also dawned on me that I had been striving on my own efforts and caused me much fatigue. I have been trying to feel rested, using my own efforts as well! What foolishness.

I paraphrase Ps Edmund Chan – “True restedness is not relaxing or reflecting but by realigning with and abiding in God.”

Why do some people run and walk but do not grow weary or faint? Because they hoped in the Lord and found strength in Him (Isaiah 40:31)!

When I started to veer away from God and do my own things with my own limited knowledge, I was restless. But when I realigned what I was doing with God and abided in Him (stayed close with Him; ran towards Him), I felt truly rested, even when I was busybusybusy and saddled with the same issues!

We humans are never meant to live apart from our Creator. Only in Him do we find true restedness and strength for each day. To the world out there still striving, come and find rest – taste the living Water!


The answer

On my way home just this Thursday, the song, “Come Home Running” by Chris Tomlin was God’s answer to me. I knew clearly in my heart it was my Father’s response to the emotional entanglement I was feeling on Tuesday late night (see blog post below).

So come home running
His arms are open wide
His name is Jesus
He understands
He is the answer
You are looking for
So come home running
Just as you are