Back to the Blogosphere

Hello! I am back.

Yes, work’s not as crazy busy (at least, not until the next peak in late August/early September).

I have been doing quite a few things in between the last and this post.

1) I finished organising a 3.5-day regional workshop with my colleagues. The planning was physically and mentally exhausting but we managed to squeeze in some fun in between the running around. Had my first taste of Persian food at Shiraz for the Workshop’s social outing.


Shiraz - a range of kebabs

2) I chilled out at the SAF Seaview Resort which was booked by DR for his family. The chalet was superb and I dare say it was one of the best, if not the best chalet I’ve stayed in. It was clean, spacious and had free cable TV! It was like a staycation for me!

Waterfront living at the SAF Seaview Resort

The Man and his cousin battling the stubborn charcoals

3) I planned a little bit for our wedding (peeked at the wedding boutique :P) and applied for another flat (we doubt that a queue number of 955 will give us a chance at choosing the Tampines BTO).

4) I had a simple birthday dinner get-together with my besties. One thing I always enjoy with them is that we never run out of topics to talk about, even if we didn’t meet for a couple of months. Glad that the two birthday gals enjoyed their presents (:


Happy birthday Yue and Pris!

5) I watched “Ballet under the Stars” with Xiuwen, Weiqi and Yue at Fort Canning. The picnic and company was fun, the humidity wasn’t.

6) Sihui had her first drive since passing her driving test and we got to have tau hway supper at Chong Pang, thanks to the car she rented for the weekend. Shiok to have such impromptu outings. Now, my next target is to LEARN DRIVING and to pass before the year ends, so I can drive for supper too. Hahaha..

7) I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2), finally! The movie was fantastic, with enough action and emotions. Methinks the soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat (also composer for “The King’s Speech”) helped to move the plot along very well.

Okay, good things come in Sevens. I shall stop here at Point Number Seven and hit the sack now! ZZzzZzZ