Peak maximum!

The peak period is so intense the past 1 week that I feel my pimples erupting as I work on my desk late today. But God has been gracious and constantly reminded me to rely and trust in Him.

I really really really can’t wait for next week to be over…



Munching macarons

Macarons, anyone? Bought some from jewel artisan today and they gave me this uber cool bookmark!

I want to eat them all…


Live like we are dying

Today, I asked mummy a few questions using the box of questions meant for couples (I got this from the marriage counselling class I attended).

I asked a few and her answers to the following questions struck me:

1. What was her biggest regret

2. To describe her childhood in one word

3. Her favourite part of her body

Her answers were surprisingly… unlike her. Never expected her to say certain things… Some of her answers reminded me of myself. I realise my mummy and I are both perfectionists.

A perfectionist might not be perfect in reality, but they always have a way of thinking that there could be better alternative somewhere (when maybe, there could be none).

Being a perfectionist makes me have too many regrets in life. I realise that the inner perfectionist is killing the joy that I have for life and the people I have around me. Regrets are poison to my bones.

Perhaps, that is why I have always been such a careful and calculative person. It makes me restricted and I realise I have so many things I want to do but dare not do, for fear of the imperfect consequences that will come after. I want everything to be in place, and that what I do will be approved by others. This has robbed me of so many potential opportunities for exploration and joy.

Like the title of one of the songs by The Script, perhaps, I should just “live like we’re dying”. Live each day as if it were the last day of my life… Love like I’ve never did. Put in 100% effort without consideration of what others would think, even if it means actualising crazy ideas… ahhh, this mentality should come soon.

My Lord, help me to stop wanting to be perfect and start living the real life!

Are you sure Singapore girls are materialistic?

There was a recent piece of news based on a research by SMU’s Professor Norman Li, concluding that Singapore girls are materialistic and it was published online and in the Straits Times. In the newspaper report on the Straits Times, it was said that this research could shed light on Singapore’s falling birth rates.

Read the report here:

A few points I want to make here about this issue.

Firstly, the word “materialistic” is used inappropriately. If a Singaporean girl chooses as first choice, “Money” when they look for a husband, compared to their American counterpart, who chose “Kindness”, it might not mean that the SG girl is materialistic. Many girls surveyed and selected “Money” as first choice, were probably thinking that their future husband should be financially stable. Wanting a husband who is financially stable is DIFFERENT from being materialistic! Women want men who want to work hard and provide for the family. We are looking at that value of the men’s character rather than the value of the things the men can give. That’s why… not just quantative research, Prof Li should also use qualitative research to substantiate and clarify the survey results.

Secondly, please note that survey sample of this research project. They only surveyed 400 SMU students, not women across the age/educational specturm! The generalisation that “Singapore girls are materialistic” is simply too sweeping and inaccurate! The correct headline should have been: “University students are materialistic: Study”. I like the way Yue gave her opinion on this. Yue likens it to a researcher surveying Christians in a church, and asking, “What is the most important religion?”. Then immediately, next in the headlines, we see: “Singapore is a Christian country!” Obviously we know what sort of answers many university students would give! It’s really ridiculous isn’t it. Please don’t generalise all Singapore women to be like this when the survey sample is only among SMU STUDENTS!!

To understand Singapore’s falling birth rates, rather than this research, I thought a qualitative research project done by my professor, Prof Shirley Sun provides more insights. Having interviewed many single and married women, it was an extensive research project. One of her findings was that women were resistant to giving birth because the penalty, or at least, the threat of the penalties that they face after giving birth, was too big. I can’t remember entirely the research results as it was done a couple of years ago when I was still in Year 4, but I thought the results would be helpful, especially to Singapore’s National Population and Talent Division.

Anyway, just feel that these issues should be pointed out as I thought this headline was too misleading. This headline undeniably does make for good conversation starters but to do generalisations like this does not help in building a good research reputation for SMU. Plus, I wouldn’t want Singapore men to think all women are like that, lest they get frightened off and start looking out for Vietnamese wives…

Listen with your heart

I recently helped out at the Chinese Children GDOP and what an eye opener to hang out with children. They amaze me with the energy,  and you should never be surprised that the wisest and most honest words come from these little children.

The group DR and I took care of was thankfully manageable.

In one part of the session, the children were supposed to be still and listen to God’s voice. There was this 7-year-old in my group from another church who was drawing what he received from God. When I went to him, he looked up and said casually, “My daddy told me, to listen to God’s voice, you cannot listen with your ears, you have to listen with your heart.”

Taken aback by his adult-like authority when he said this, all I could answer “Wow… you are right.”

And it set me thinking. He probably didn’t know but what he mentioned innocently or even casually was so true that it was etched in my mind. God must have sent this little angel to me as a gentle nudge, especially when it had been one week after “Experiencing God” camp. Or perhaps, it was God himself! Well, we can easily forget how to listen and be aware of God’s voice, especially after an emotionally charged “Experiencing God” camp.

Listen with your heart… now, that’s the key.

How to get a flat?!

DR and I got latest news on the Tampines flat that we recently applied.

We got queue number 955, and there are only 320 flats available.  😦

This, despite the fact that his parents live nearby and we are first-timers. SERIOUSLY!

When we have not arrived at the destination, it’s difficult to give thanks, tough to connect the dots as there is no “in retrospect” yet. Esther, remember it is all about the process! PROCESS! It’s process of trusting God for the best even though we face such disappointments. PROCESS! It’s how I respond to our Lord even when He didn’t answer our prayers to get this flat. PROCESS!!

Ok, enough ranting, more thanksgiving and hope 🙂 It’s late. I am off to bed now.


Maybe I will retire in New York City

According to the latest news report by ChannelNewsAsia, Singapore is the 6th most expensive city in Asia to live in, 36th globally for expats. And the most interesting thing? Cost of living in Singapore is actually higher than New York (#44) and Hong Kong (#45)!

That’s why I say maybe I should retire in New York. You see, if expats can find Singapore expensive to live in, what about us, your average HDB-flat-dwelling Singaporean? Don’t be surprised if you find me in New York next time. Haha..

But on the other hand, I was surprised some places were expensive to live in. Places like Rio de Janeiro, Perth and Luanda (Angola) are more expensive than Singapore. Errrmmm… Angola – a civil-war-torn African country – more expensive than Singapore? Hellloooo??!

Also, for many Singaporeans and Malaysians who think that Perth could be a nice, little Aussie place to retire in, consider that it is ranked 26th in the global scale, 10 ranks ahead of Singapore.

You can get the full report here –

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