A flurry of activities in both countries

So much drama in both countries this weekend… One in Britain and the other one in my own country – my beloved Singapore.

The royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was really a welcomed respite from the intense and emotional (mostly angry, agitated and frustrated) election campaigns.

My mom, being really pro-PAP, was especially angry with the opposition. She said that it is only the proud who wants to vote for the opposition because PAP has shown a good track record, so why vote otherwise? She was agitated when she saw the lack of audience in the PAP rallies and thought that people who want to vote for the opposition just because of some Teochew banter from Mr Low, were parochial.

My dad, on the other hand, was largely ambivalent and merely laughed mockingly at the angry retorts from both parties.

One special mention goes to George Yeo. I have seen his gentlemanly gestures to his detractors and his calmness in dealing with the chaos in his GRC. I applaud his wisdom. His opponents this time round, I have to admit, are really charismatic and appealing in their rhetoric.

Amidst the political hustle and bustle, the emotional highs and lows, I hold on to the hope that our sovereign God is above and beyond all these. I wonder what God is thinking as He looks down upon Singapore right now…

This General Election, fervently pray—

• That Singaporeans will think soberly and be discerning—sensitive to God’s prompting, His heartbeat, His bigger picture, His divine purpose for our nation.

• That Singaporeans will vote wisely and responsibly for candidates of exceptional character and competence. People who will inspire confidence in nation-building and the future—to see Singapore flourish (not flounder) and fulfill (not forfeit) her unique role as God’s bridge of blessing to all nations.

Psalm 78:72—David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them

~ LoveSingapore Special Call for Prayer

I shall end this blog post with beautiful pictures of the recent royal wedding. It’s such a lovely union. It gives everyone a hope that even if you are middle class and moving to the upper class (the aristocratic class) seems totally out of the question, you can still marry a Prince. It’s the same with our Christian faith if we think deeper…

My favourite picture of the lot

I was trying to figure what was special about this picture... then I spotted a cheeky face of the little boy at the corner 🙂 The flower girls look like little white daisies from above. Sooo cute!

The royal family with the Middletons

During the wedding service in Westminster Abbey. I'm trying very hard to ignore Prince William's balding spot...

Presenting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. CAN I HAVE HER WEDDING GOWN PLEASE?


Happy 2nd anniversary

Hey guys… I’m back! I haven’t been writing as regularly as I’ve been covering my colleague and her work, so I don’t get home as early as I hope to (i.e less time to indulge in writing). Another distraction came from my new iPhone. Okay okay, most of the distraction came from that black thing. But it’s simply too good as there are so many useful apps to download!

Surfing the Apps Store is like online shopping. You get to “buy” those apps, but the thrill is when you find an excellent app that is free!

Back to the main topic. So yes, DR and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary together by watching The Lion King – Musical. One of my favourite childhood movies immortalised into a musical… It was a dream show.

This pic reminds me of the one we took for our 1st anniversary. He's really good at self-shots!

This is what I got when I told him to smile with his eyes


The nearest I'll ever go to a casino in my life - the entrance.


The setting when we first entered the theatre

Actually we were not supposed to take pictures in the theatre. But guess I got carried off by excitement. BUT, this was the only picture I’ve taken! I didn’t take any when the musical began. I was too enthralled to whip out my camera by the time the show started.

Both of us bought really good seats. It was the first row of the $128 range which we booked online. When it started, boy was it grand. Remember the first scene in the movie where every animal gathered in Pride Rock to welcome their King’s son, Simba?

In the musical version, the actors all walked down from the aisle to the stage in their bright costumes and puppets. There were huge elephants, birds, rhinos, leaping antelopes, leopards and they were all singing so powerfully!! I squealed in delight like a little girl and DR was like all cool, but I could see his eyes lighting up and we both concluded at that moment that the $128 was worth it, AND it was only the first scene. The stage magically turned into a mini Pride Rock, with the my favourite song of the show, “Circle of Life” anchoring the first scene.

For me, I thought the setting of the Elephants’ graveyard where Simba and Nala got into trouble was one of the best in the show. Besides that, I thought the supporting cast stole the show. I really like th sidekicks like Timon and Zazu. They were portrayed in the musical as puppets with a person controlling it. Their voices were exactly like the movie’s! As sidekicks, they added much laughter to the show and even localised the musical a little bit with references to the Merlion and also the use of “lah” at one scene. It cracked the whole audience up!

After the intermission, a group of African American singers came on stage in their colourful costumes and broke into a joyful tribal song which was extremely infectious. I found myself bobbing to the music and beaming so eagerly.

Another impressive thing about the show were the dancers. I especially liked the dancer/actor who portrayed the prowling leopard and also the leaping antelopes. Really graceful. Could see they put in a lot of effort to control and mimic their body language like that of an animal.

One little gripe was the fighting scene between Scar and the adult Simba at the end. I thought it could afford more dramatic actions by the 2 of them, judging by the rippling muscles of the protagonist. Hahaha…

All in all, the 2.5 hrs (including intermission) was truly a great experience. They don’t call it world-class for nothing! With MBS, I’m sure more musicals will come to Singapore soon. Looking forward to more at our next anniversary!

On the Apple bandwagon

I have been a little busy… devouring an Apple.

Well, I just received an iPhone! It was a generous gift from DR for our 2nd anniversary (: Ever since Sunday, I have been busy exploring it. Having told myself that I must abstain from such smartphones, I finally relented and gave in. Apple 1, Esther 0.

I am still very fascinated by some of the apps that are available… And loving some games I have downloaded. Uh oh. Is it the start of the slippery slope? 😦 I shall blog soon about The Lion King musical which I watched recently with DR. It was fantastic!! Unfortunately, exploring my new iPhone took the attention away from me writing a review on the musical.

Okay, just watch this space.

Bye, going to play my iPhone… Burger Queen, here I come!!! :X

Sugar high

Every time I walk past this shop, I know it is far too expensive to indulge. $6 for a small cup… that’s more expensive than Haagen Daz isn’t it? Besides, it looks too sweet for my liking.

But that night, the magical phrase “1-for1” caught both our eyes and then, it changed my perception of Il Gelato di Bruno, the gelato shop along Citylink Mall, just beside Hershey’s World.

I translated Il Gelato di Bruno on Google Translate to know what it means and the result was “the ice brown”. Whhaaat. Who would name their ice cream shop this way? So I translated word for word. Turned out that it means “The Brown Ice-Cream” or something like that lah.

DR and I decided to try this gelato after we looked at the dismal offerings at Andersen’s of Denmark. It was after 9pm and really, all I wanted was more ice cream choices but the flavours at Andersen’s were a little limited. Just didn’t feel like paying service charge too.

So we walked back to Bruno and boy, there were so many flavours to choose from! There’s Bubblegum (in bright pink – which didn’t appeal to me. Who eats bubblegum-flavoured ice cream? Eww.), Tiramisu, Cookies, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Wildberry Yoghurt, Mango… Some had classy Italian names so we didn’t know what flavours those were. But the servers over the counter were very kind. They explained the flavours with Italian names and also gave us samples to try first.

DR insisted on buying the Large cup (original $10!) since it was one-for-one while I tried futilely to get him to buy the Medium cup (original $8) instead. With the Large cup, you get 4 scoops compared to 3 scoops for the Medium. So well… it was kinda worth it.

I had these 4 flavours: Sugar-free dark chocolate, wildberry yoghurt, Ti Prendo (hazelnut – like Ferrero Rocher) and Tiramisu.

DR had: Tiramisu, Cookies, Ti Prendo, and the last one I can’t remember.

First bite, really good. Smooth, creamy, just like how ice cream should be. Plus, the flavours were rich and rounded. Ahhh. It was too big a cup for me so DR helped me finish mine after he finished his 4 scoops. At the end, I went on a sugar high. The ice cream made me quite thirsty after that as 4 scoops of sweetness was really too much for me. Nonetheless, I still think their gelato was a marvelous first-time experience.

I didn’t take a picture but rest assured… I will go back again and take more pictures to post.

The 1-for-1 promotion, as at 8 April, is on after 8pm till closing daily. So go try it!

From Mr Brown again!

And yet another funny post from Mr Brown!

How to deal with “Snack Attacks”

Snack attack n – A temporary mental condition when one has an unexplained, insatiable desire to munch on snacks, especially those that are very unhealthy.

Everyone gets snack attacks every now and then, especially mugging students who stay through the night and fellow ladies during the special time of the month.

For the health nuts, well, they take nuts to ease the snack attack.

For the bo-chap people, a category which I sometimes fall under, they just grab a bag of chips, ignoring the high level of fats and carbohydrates. Who cares about potential double chins, big thighs, love handles, flabby arms when I need to STOP this snack attack NOW?

For the guilty, they just find a compromise.

And for me, this compromise comes in the form of THIS:


The Compromise - Calbee's Snow Pea Crisps!

Don’t mean to advertise but this has got to be the best snack ever… It’s a little unhealthy (because it’s still processed food) but the fact that it is baked, has low fat level, comes from a Japanese brand and tastes super light, is good enough for me. Calbee really makes the best snacks, and with this, they’ve added another good snack to their stable. Give it a try! Good things I sure intro one…. Haha!

Don’t reject marriage

To a young man who was vacillating on the question of marriage, Martin Luther wrote:

“Let us not try to fly higher and be better than Abraham, David, Isaiah, Peter, Paul and all the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles, as well as many holy martyrs and bishops, all of whom knew that they were created by God as men, were not ashamed to be and be thought men, conducted themselves accordingly and did not remain alone.

Whoever is ashamed of marriage is also ashamed of being a man (or woman, in my own words) or being thought a man (/woman), or else he (/she) thinks that he (/she) can make himself (/herself) better than God made him (/her).”

Something worth thinking about…