Lunch at Paragon with gal pals

It’s official. My JC gal pals are more excited about my wedding than I am… How can I not let them be my sisters (the kind that guards the door on wedding days)? It’s surreal to suddenly have peers around me getting married. I don’t even feel old. But here I am.. turning 24 this year and planning for “adult” things… (what were you thinking?!!) like getting a house and getting married.

Anyway, I digress. As you can see, the post is about my lunch catch-up with my gals at Paragon. I’m officially a covert of Sushi Tei… Because they have superbly fresh sashimi and oh-so-yummy Dragon and Phoenix rolls! The warm and generous miso mushroom ramen was comforting too. It really helped that the presentation of every food item was artistic and appetizing. When the presentation is nice, half the battle is won.

Fresh sashimi you can't resist

Check out the Dragon.

Enter the Dragon (Roll)

And here’s the Phoneix roll…

What is the Dragon without the Phoenix?

Spotted Ivan Heng, of “Emily of the Emerald Hill” fame, in the restaurant when we went to foot our bill. He looks a tad casual but was well-groomed. Was cool when he looked in my direction! Couldn’t help but be a little star-struck… afterall, I have read about him so many times in magazines and newspapers.

Here’s a picture of me and girlfriends at Dome after lunch. Exercise was walking around Taka shopping. Till next time…. 🙂


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