Things I really need/want?

I have a list of things that I need to buy. But are they ‘wants’ or ‘needs’? I’m a little confused as I can justify these items to be essentials. But the frugal side of my brain tells me some of them are merely ‘wants’. Just going to list them down first.

1. A spacious and classy work bag – My cream-coloured Charles and Keith bag has served me well for 8 months and it’s now officially tattered and well-worn)

2. Perfume (something floral and light for day wear)

3. A new wallet with compartments for pictures cards and coins – For those who have seen my wallet, they agreed that it’s high time I get a new one because, like my Charles and Keith work bag, it is threatening to disintegrate.

4. A music player – My Creative MP4 died late last year, and I haven’t had music on the go for very long, which is quite sad for a music lover like me. Angie and my colleague suggested I get a smart phone like iPhone and it would solve this particular ‘want’.

This leads me to:

5. A new phone – I really don’t like the touch-screen Samsung phone I am currently using now. In fact, I wish for a keypad-based phone, like the Blackberry or a Nokia (yes, they do have decent qwerty pad/number pad phones), that comes with long battery life, AND can also serve as a music player.

6. A good liquid foundation – Because my Bobbi Brown one is officially used up, after scrimping on it for the last couple of months.

If I were to buy all the above items, it would set me back by at least a good $500 – $700. I doubt I have the budget… Or do I? Hmm.

Tell me, how much cash does one (who’s paying off her more-than-$10,000 education loan, saving up for her wedding and house with super-inflated market prices), need in her bank account? If not much, I’ll just go ahead and buy all these items! HECK LAH. Maybe for once, I should not be so cautious and enjoy what God has already given me.

Wow, I think God just spoke to me because the above line wasn’t what I intended to write…… What a revelation!


NSP meets PAP at the market


This got me and my colleagues laughing so, so hard!

NSP meets PAP at the market –> Link to

The army dude with the maid

Guess everyone’s familiar with the picture that was posted on Stomp, which garnered newspaper reports, criticisms and discussions for the past couple of days. To be fair, this picture might not depict the full story, as some netizens believe that this army guy might have injured his arm or something. Well… do you buy the story? Up to you to decide.


The controversial picture posted on Stomp

And some creative guy with a big sense of humour came along to spoof this picture as an army advertisement. I found this picture on FB… Couldn’t stop laughing at the picture!

Hahahahahaha…. Simply a brilliant spoof!

God, please?

I’ve never really asked God much for anything… okay, maybe the occasional good weather, for more wisdom, for more good food, for good results… OKAY. I did ask God for a lot things.

But this time round, it’s really a prayer I truly am desperate about.

God, please? This time round, let us get it…. Please…..*doe-like, teary eyes*

When dollar bills die

A one-dollar bill, five-dollar bill and hundred-dollar bill all died and went to heaven.

God saw the one-dollar bill and said, “You’ve been good,” and lets him in. He also lets the five-dollar bill in for the same reason.

When the hundred-dollar bill came up to him, God said, “Well, I never see you in church.”

Lunch at Paragon with gal pals

It’s official. My JC gal pals are more excited about my wedding than I am… How can I not let them be my sisters (the kind that guards the door on wedding days)? It’s surreal to suddenly have peers around me getting married. I don’t even feel old. But here I am.. turning 24 this year and planning for “adult” things… (what were you thinking?!!) like getting a house and getting married.

Anyway, I digress. As you can see, the post is about my lunch catch-up with my gals at Paragon. I’m officially a covert of Sushi Tei… Because they have superbly fresh sashimi and oh-so-yummy Dragon and Phoenix rolls! The warm and generous miso mushroom ramen was comforting too. It really helped that the presentation of every food item was artistic and appetizing. When the presentation is nice, half the battle is won.

Fresh sashimi you can't resist

Check out the Dragon.

Enter the Dragon (Roll)

And here’s the Phoneix roll…

What is the Dragon without the Phoenix?

Spotted Ivan Heng, of “Emily of the Emerald Hill” fame, in the restaurant when we went to foot our bill. He looks a tad casual but was well-groomed. Was cool when he looked in my direction! Couldn’t help but be a little star-struck… afterall, I have read about him so many times in magazines and newspapers.

Here’s a picture of me and girlfriends at Dome after lunch. Exercise was walking around Taka shopping. Till next time…. 🙂

China’s salt-buying frenzy

I saw this in the news – PRC Chinese are now on a frenzy to buy iodized salt, thinking that it will run out of supply as the seas might be contaminated with radioactive chemicals. One Chinese lady interviewed, while in the midst of grabbing salt from the supermarket, didn’t even know why she was buying salt. She thought it was for an earthquake happening in Taiwan (EHHHH.. Please get your news right!) and since everyone was buying it, she decided to jump on the bandwagon to stock up salt.

They are the new Singaporeans. SO KIASU!!!

Customers in China rush to buy salt at a supermarket in Lanzhou, Gansu province. The demand for salt has been spurred by rumors of a radioactive cloud from Japan drifting toward China and a false impression that consuming enough iodized salt would protect against radiation. (Reuters / March 17, 2011)


Somebody wake some sense in them?

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