ORH… Now I understand

This is the end of my 6th month as a working young adult. Here I am counting months when people are already counting their decades. For these 6 months, I guess I am teeny weeny bit of qualified to say a know a teeny weeny bit more about worklife?

When I was a student, there are some things people tell me about work and looked at them, thinking, “really, meh?” with a large dose of skeptism and a lack of empathy. I never understood the situations they described to me but now I know and understand.

Here are the trite truths I discovered after working (they may seem cliche, but it is the reality; they are cliches for a reason isn’t it?):

#1 When you start to work, you find so little time to go out with your friends because you’re just too tired sometimes. And it is soooooo true. I dread going out on week nights because going downtown from ulu pandan CCK is a loooooooong and tiring journey. And tell me about travelling from downtown BACK to Woodlands.

#2 Weekends are precious pockets of time to recuperate and rest from work. The weekend could be spent in church, hanging out with friends, eating, strolling at the beach, or just plain ol’ good sleep, depending on what refreshes and “fills your tank”. No wonder food and movies, common things that people use to “fill up their tank” are so expensive on weekends, yet people are willing to pay for them. Surprisingly, nowadays, I really don’t mind paying weekend prices for movies and buffets. BUT I don’t do it often! Or else I’ll be broke then no need to save for future already. As a student, paying for weekend prices is just cut-throat, so it’s a total NO-NO, but now, I give myself a little bit more leeway. In sum, don’t blame me if I am really guarded about my weekends… I treasure every moment when I can chillax at home or I can do my own thing without fulfilling other people’s obligations. The sad thing is… there ARE obligations that you need to fulfill as you grow older, but that’s another story for another blog post.

#3  When you start work, there is bound to be politics, no matter how small or big. So according to Shuhui, one should be insensitive. Now I try to be a bit more insensitive about the political history and prejudices some bosses have against one another, and just work for the sake of the larger good. Really, if only everyone in the organisation could work together without thinking, “HEY YOU ARE STEALING MY IDEAS” or “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO JEOPARDISE MY DEPT?!”

But having said that, I am not saying EVERYONE is like that. There are really really great people in my bigger family of colleagues, like the lady who is serving as my mentor in work (yep, the senior mgt and HR appointed her to be my mentor in work!). Thing is, my block is different from these really nice people, so… it’s a pity. To walk to another block, it can take up to 5 minutes. So honestly, I seldom see them unless there are projects we are working together on, or when we meet in the canteen.

Yep, for now, until I think some more other things I can write more, that’s all. Gonna hit the sack!


Terrible timings for The King’s Speech

I have heard and read many good reviews about The King’s Speech. And most of the predictions I have read on newspapers and magazines are on Colin Firth, the lead of this movie, to win the Oscars Best Actor for this role.

The movie poster used in the UK

But why do they have such terrible and limited timings for this movie in Singapore for a Friday night? It’s either too late or too early for me…

My biggest gripe: Of all Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore, only Cathay Causeway Point is not screening this at all on Friday. The Cathay at AMK Hub has it too, even though there’s only one slot for the whole day. So tell me… Why not Causeway Point? If the movie slot is late, but the theatre is near my house, I wouldn’t mind. But in this case, there’s not A SINGLE SLOT at Cathay Causeway Point for The King’s Speech.

I know… such movies do not exactly have a mass appeal so there’s not much money to be made, hence the limited timings.

But… all I want to do on a Friday night is just to watch a good movie (like “The King’s Speech”!) with my gal pal with a good timing and good location….. The cinema theatres’ economic pragmatism killed my perfect Friday night plan.

Maybe I’ll go watch “I Am Number Four” which is about nine infant aliens….

Things that make me smile

The week just passed and it was one of my smoothest and loveliest work week, where I smiled and laughed more than I ever had in the last few weeks.

Here are the things that made me smile:

1. Dinner with Weiqi, Xiuwen and Yue (hey, their names make up the acronym WXY – a sequence in the alphabet!) at Muthu’s Curry (Suntec City) was probably one of the funniest dinner companies I had in a loooong time. Nothing beats downright irreverent, or in layman terms, lame, girly talks. Add a little dash of witty but harmless humour made the dinner exceptional.

Curry fish head, Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, Biryani rice and Funny Girl-Talks

2. Wonderful kids I meet on Sunday… Their innocent and playful demeanour would melt away all worries one has.

The lovely family of four kids. Really enjoy talking to them!

3. Last but not least, watching this spin-off short film, entitled  “Banana”, featuring the Minions from the movie, “Despicable Me”! Everyone should watch this! So laugh-worthy! I am seriously considering buying the DVD so I can watch all the short films on those pill-like Minions.



Confessions from an Anti-Valentines’ Day Advocate

I have always been a huge skeptic about Valentines’ Day, that even DR was scared to buy me flowers (after an incident we had 3 years ago, before we got together). To me, Valentines’ Day is just a devious ploy by capitalists to hike up flower prices like bak gua in CNY, to  rip off money from us poor plebeians. Valentines’ Day is pure commercialism at its best by creating a want, out of a human (in)security for love.

But after being together with DR, I guess a lot of me have softened. MAN. This is hard. But I have to admit that there is still something inside of me that desires to feel special on Valentines’ Day. And yes, DR is having the last laugh now because he thought I was unromantic and silly to resist flowers and gifts, especially on Valentines’ Day.

Still, I insist on not celebrating on that day. So the day after14 Feb, we went out together for a simple dinner and I rounded up the nice day with my favourite Gong Cha! I actually hinted to him that I wouldn’t mind some sweet treats as a gift… HAHA. I am quite thick-skinned around him.

Chicken & Shitake Mushroom Baked Rice + Caesar Salad

Hawaiian Pizza with BBQ sauce base

And on this night as I write this, God told me how special I am in His heart, how loved and treasured I am by Him, that He has prepared a future specially for me. Interesting how God can plan a journey so unique for every single person on earth! That made me feel so special and loved. Essentially, this is what I, and you, my readers need to know this Valentines’ Day.

The Office Disease

How do you know you have The Office Disease? Some tell-tale signs are:

A round tummy

Flabby arms

Fingers/Wrist strains



A round tummy… oh wait, I think I said that.

A round tummy…. URGH!

How do I get myself motivated to rid myself of this Office Disease?

“Even young folks in their prime stumble and fall”

I was reading the news on BBC online when  this headline caught my eye.

Nokia at crisis point, warns new boss Stephen Elop

Link to the full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12403466

According to the online article, their new boss, Stephen Elop described the company as…

standing on a “burning platform” surrounded by innovative competitors who are grabbing its market share

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android OS phones and their success with the masses simply took Nokia offguard.

This caught my eye because Nokia used to be the “it” phone, the cool kid on the block, the accessory of the hip and young… 10 years ago, if you had a Nokia, you were cool. I remember in secondary school, almost everyone I knew had the Nokia 3310 which had this addictive Snake game. It was relatively cheap, came in nice colours (white!) and was really easy to use! You could even create your own ringtone on a Nokia phone at one time! Nokia phones were seen as superior. If you had a camera phone and it’s a Nokia, you are zai.

But now, nobody wants a Nokia. If you use a Nokia, you are either a:

1) Filipino maid

2) Bangladeshi worker


3) A Singaporean guy serving your National Service

And sometimes, even Filipino maids use iPhones!

The struggling state of Nokia now hit a note in me – that even our illustrious years may pass. You may be having the time of your life in your peak but in the next moment, you may be irrelevant and out of the game.

You may receive the best results, have the most perfect family, be the richest guy, be the strongest man. But 10 years down the road, when life adds its toil, someone will come along and have BETTER results than you, have a MORE PERFECT family than you, be RICHER than you, STRONGER and FASTER than you. How long can you sustain your success? Not forever. Sounds bleak already?

But I remember the verse I was sharing with Shiying and Limin, “but those who hope in the LORD  will renew their strength…” (Isaiah 40:31). God didn’t promise that we’ll stay successful forever, but one thing’s for sure, we will be given the strength to STAND UP AGAIN when we hope in Him.

To Nokia, I sincerely wish you the very best. May you bounce back again! Yes, I am a strong advocate for underdogs.

A short Bangkok trip

Here is an update on my Bangkok trip I had almost 2 weeks ago. Thankfully, there weren’t any political unrest and the streets were very much bustling. Thank God for His protection over the 5 of us cos on the last night, we were targeted by 2 men who seemed to be eyeing our bags and purses.

The 3 days 3 nights I was there were not enough at all. It only gave us enough time to shop three places – Chatuchak, Krung Thong and Platinum Mall. Even still, I didn’t finish looking thoroughly at everything.

Krung Thong is like the super small sister of Platinum. Located one bridge away from Platinum, it stocks more clothes for plus-sized ladies. Some goods we spotted at Platinum were also sold at a lower prices there and the shopkeepers were so much friendlier. This place is worth a visit for a break from Platinum.

A small tip: Visit the newer wing of Platinum Mall, which is a standalone building beside the old Platinum for SHOES, bags and prettier clothes. Clothes can sell at a slightly steeper price but the price is acceptable if you buy more than 1 piece of the clothing.

Anyway… let’s move on to the pictures!

In the middle of the many streets of Chatuchak


We HAD to sit down after one whole afternoon of shopping at Chatuchak, lugging our backpacks which got heavier and heavier with every passing hour

Deliciously refreshing Ice Monster at Platinum Mall

Yes, we couldn't resist for yet another round of Ice Monster. This is what we look forward after half a day of shopping!

Standing on the bridge that links Platinum and Krungthong Plaza

Having tom yum goong at the street right beside Central World

I could only look on at the many shoes forlornly as I had no more money. Discovered this place too late... 😦


this is the street we walk daily from our hotel to platinum mall

At least I managed to get 2 pairs of shoes... Cost me 20 bucks

Best picture taken in BKK

From Ratchaprarop station to Suvarnabhumi Airport

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