What to expect in Bangkok



  1. Not having enough moolah to shop – Krung Thong, Platinum, MBK, Chatuchak… even the streets outside our hotel sell CHEAP and fashionable clothing/shoes/accessories. But one must look very very carefully so if you want a major shopping trip, put aside 5 days. I was there for 3 whole days and I only managed to shop at Chatuchak and Platinum. I didn’t even complete looking at ALL the shops… and I was broke already on the 3rd day.
  2. That shoes are sold in the newer wing of Platinum – We shopped the old wing of Platinum and wondered where their shoes were. In the end, on the last day of the trip, when I was almost broke, I found out that their cheap and pretty shoes were all sold at the newer wing of the Mall! SIGH.
  3. That for every 10 people you meet, expect to see 2 to 3 transsexuals (in-the-making)/transvestites. I spotted one who looks like the following picture.  Couldn’t stifle my giggles. What’s interesting was that he was strutting and shaking his butt really confidently – more confident than a woman!! He/She also reminded me of the character in Stephen Chow’s movie where there’s this man-woman who would turn around in the show and dig his nose.  
  4. To have this question popping up in my mind every time you see a pretty lady – was she a man before? 
  5. Rocky street roads – prepare sports shoes if you can’t take paths and roads that have potholes or have broken tiles or chipped cement. Don’t bother wearing heels or dresses. They can be fatal.
  6. To not be served with a welcoming smile – Sorry, Bangkok people are not what we think they were already. When we tried to bargain down the price at Platinum, some shopkeepers were super sulky. Having said that, I must still say there are some very kind-hearted and smiley shopkeepers, especially at Krung Thong, which is one bridge away from Platinum Mall.
  7. Hot weather – VERY VERY hot sun with no trees in sight as shelter. So expect to wear shades and put on a lot of sunblock.
  8. Cheap and satisfying street food – Excellent padthai and random street food can be found..
  9. To be stopped at the screening station when departing the Bangkok airport – Bangkok immigration doesn’t allow bottles more than 125ml to EXIT their country. Quite ridiculous, isn’t it??
  10. Money exchanges with better rates – Don’t bother changing money in Singapore. Bangkok has comparable or even better rates than Singapore! For example, SGD$1 = THB 23.4. But in Bangkok, SGD$1 can be THB 23.5 to 23.7. If you change a lot of money, it does make a difference!

Shall post some pictures of my BKK trip in my next blog post ..

Raffles City rocks!

And nope, Capitaland Malls didn’t pay me to say this. But I really love the newly revamped B1 at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Almost every kiosks/stalls/cafes/restaurants sells my favourite food! I could hang out half my day there and just eat, eat, eat…

Here’s a list (and it’s not exhaustive) of food shops I like at B1.

1. Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop – I recently went there for ice-cream with DR. We had their Mix-and-Match where there’s 3 scoops of ice-cream and 3 toppings. We had “A Cookie Affair”, “Chocolate Therapy”, and “Strawberry Cheesecake” on a waffle bowl, dribbled with chocolate fudge sauce and roasted almond flakes. ARHHH… Yummy!

2. The Soup Spoon – Love this shop ever since Char brought us there when we were in JC 7 years ago! Then, it was still a small shop tucked at the corner. Now, it’s such a successful business!

3. Gong Cha Bubble Tea – Adore adore adore their Earl Grey Milk Tea and Oolong Milk Tea!

4. Awfully Chocolate – Go for their chocolate cake and cupcake!

5. Royce Chocolates

6. Sumo Salad – Tried their salads – Caesar and Pasta salads. Expensive but a good one-time experience. It’s healthy and I love salads 🙂 I can ask my mommy to make for me 😛

7. Donut Factory

8. Yoguru

9. Cedele – I go there for their carrot cake and their tea sets.

10. The Pizza Place – Baked rice is fantastic!

I shall find one day to thoroughly explore their food shops… :9



Sometimes, it’s not the piling office workload that kills but office politics that does that.

And it does so more violently.



Official favourite shopping mall at the moment

I am proud to announce… my favourite shopping mall at the moment is Raffles City!

I will elaborate more why I have made this choice in my next blog post. For now, it’s ZzzZZzz time.

How God pursues you

God pursues us for our love… And to what extent is He willing to go and get your heart? To the extent of giving us Jesus to save us from our sins, that we may be reconciled with Him by grace.

Don’t be mistaken that God “feeds on” our adoration and worship. He is God. He doesn’t need our love and adoration to thrive. But He is just a selfless Lover, pursuing us until our hearts are all for Him.

I asked my Sec 2 Care Group girls how they liked to be pursued by their boyfriends in the future. It was really interesting to know the ways in which they like to be pursued.

One would like her suitor to write letters to her; the other would like hers to feed her nice food. Yet another one would like the suitor to give surprises for a few weeks (like putting little things like chocolates and flowers) on her table before revealing his real identity. And for another one, she would like her suitor to tell her light-hearted things so that she can always laugh. See if you can guess who these people are 😛

All this revealed that we are all created differently; each with a unique personality. So I told them: In the same way you like to be pursued by your future boyfriend, God pursues us in loving ways that our unique personality would understand, and does it even better because He created us. So if you like surprises, God probably would put little surprises in your path, like showing you an exceptionally beautiful flower on your way to school… If you like letters, God would probably use His Word to show His selfless love to you. We prayed and renewed our faith together once again as a Care Group after that.

It’s a lesson for myself at the end of everything. Only when I understand fully the way and the extent of God’s pursuing love, can I love the people around me selflessly. Realise I have been pretty selfish in loving and I need to look beyond myself and me me me me needs.

God, give me wisdom and an epiphany….

Not too comfortable

A prayer flashed through my mind before I went to shower just now. I was hesitant to make it, but with the Holy Spirit’s encouragement, I did it…

Remembering how Uncle J and Aunty C (to protect their privacy, gotta use pseudonyms) shared about their conviction to go ahead with their mission calling, even if it means leaving the comfort of their nice new house and very safe lifestyle in Singapore, reminded me to pray this short one:

Lord, help me not to be too comfortable with my life right now, that I forget what I am ultimately called for.

Don’t want to be this:

The seed cast in the weeds represents the ones who hear the kingdom news but are overwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get. The stress strangles what they heard, and nothing comes of it. ~Mark 1:18-19

But want to be this:

“But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams.” ~ Mark 1:20.

Can’t wait for Bangkok!

I really can’t wait to head to Bangkok! It’ll be another 1 more week…

I went to Bangkok 10 years ago and as a 14 year-old, you have to tag along with the boring adults. And seriously, what does a 14 year-old know what to buy at that time? Sorry, at that time, I was very toot, so I really had no fashion sense to speak of. I really didn’t know it was a treasure cove for cheap but fashionable clothes.

I have been surfing the web and found that Bangkok has many cheap but pretty shoes!

A visit to the website below convinced me that shoes are must-buys in Bangkok!


I am going to buy as many as I can, so much so that I will be crowned the Imelda Marcos of Singapore! Heehee… so I exaggerate 😛

But aiya, I will be there to stock up clothes for Chinese New Year, and for the rest of the year. Happy!!

I wonder if bringing SGD$380 would be enough for 3days and 3 nights? It would translate to about 8500 baht… Enough? Hmm…

Thankful to God for providing me the disposable income to go for this short trip after I started work!

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