A Letter to my 22-year-old self

A Letter to my 22-year-old self

Dear Me,

As you turn 22 years old in September, I know you will be fretting about your Final Year Project (FYP) draft and be scrambling to interview MPs. Don’t worry, everything turned out fine in the end. You managed to get 6 MPs to interview and some were very kind. In the end, even though you would be submitting a super average mid-term draft in December with only one interview to speak of as research (which is super super pathetic), your final grade would be an A-.

So, the key lesson, my dear 22-year-old self, is to stop studying so hard for those boring theoretical stuff! They end up not being of much use when you start work anyway. Start being more aware about critical skills like communication and analytical skills as they will serve you well when you go job hunting.

Oh btw, your supervisor for your FYP turned out to be quite a nice guy in the end, much as you think you’re really unfortunate to get him.

Also, I tell you, 22-year-old self, you will start worrying as your last exam in 5 May draws nearer and nearer. To ease you a little about job-hunting, out of all the 20 resumes you sent out, you will only receive 3 offers for interviews. For the first interview, you will be too honest for your own good. My advice is: What you learn in your last semester in school – Strategic Ambiguity, in your Comms class, pay attention! It will serve you well for that first interview. Whichever way, yes, you screwed up your first interview but aced your second interview by God’s grace. So start thanking GOD now that He is always in control and that He is always gracious to you.

By the way, in June 2010, you can start praising God because your final results were released and you got a Second Upper Class Honours, right on the dot – no more, no less. You should praise God because His grace is just sufficient (:

Anyway, 22 year-old-self, prepare for the many changes in 2010 by holding God’s steadfast Word. You would waver in your faith along the way as you grow weary about job-hunting, doubtful about God’s promises, meet some little hiccups in your relationship and get tired of work as your worklife ideals crumble before you, but remember to go back to God always… and the Word of God (the Bible) will speak to you. That’s the best advice I can give to you as you welcome 2010.

Love, Your 23-year-old Self at the end of 2010

P.S Don’t worry about your Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner collecting dust in your cupboard. You will use it extensively in June 2010 when you record an English lesson DVD with Wendy. And the recording of lessons would be really fun. It’ll be one of the best periods in your life! So brush up your English enunciation and learn how to speak like a bubbly teacher!

More substantial updates soon

Before the day ends, HAPPY BLESSED BLASTIN’ JOYFUL 21st BIRTHDAY to Sihui! 🙂 Finally, you’ve joined the adulthood league!

Anyway I have been very very busy and very tired during the days leading to Christmas, so there’s a dearth of updated entries. Promise to update soon as I have so many things I’ve observed and thought of, that I need to pen them down to remember.

Okay… goodnight everyone!

Who protects us ALL the time?

A pastor gathered his wife and children together for a time of prayer, just prior to his departure for an overseas missions trip. He prayed, “Dear Lord, please protect my wife and the children while I’m gone.” When he finished, his wife asked him: “Who do you think protects us while you’re here?”

I laughed when I read this while doing my Quiet Time on Our Daily Journey. I laugh because I think like the pastor too. Most of the time, I think that God will only protect us only in times of danger, but oftentimes, even in our safe times, it is He, our Lord, who has shielded me and my family from harm.

Lord, teach me to remember your goodness, even in times of peace and stability.

Nex Shopping Centre is too disorganised

You can call me anal but I really don’t like how Nex Mall is organised. It’s far too messy.

Why messy?

You see KFC on what side, and on the other, you see a clothing shop, called Bega. Sorry to say, but buying clothes that smell like KFC isn’t that appealing unless you eat your clothes. Also, you see the well-known Isetan on one side, and you see this rather obsure shop name on the other… Totally for different clientele. It’s like putting the Topshop and (insert name of really ulu brand of clothes for aunties) side by side.

The shops that sell the same things should be put together, according to their target clientele.

Sorry Nex Shopping Centre, you may be big, but you’re just not organised enough for me.

Hmm.. it doesn’t help that I visited the place on a Sunday!

Christmas gift inspiration

I really need some inspiration to buy gifts for my friends, family and colleagues this Christmas! Now that I am earning my keep, I guess it gives me slightly more liberty and ability to buy gifts… Of course, I still have my budget lah.

I realise I really am not very good at buying gifts… I need inspiration and time is running very short!

There are some things that won’t go very wrong… Like body lotion, no? I will steer clear of giving photo frames. Because I remember someone said that is one of the worst presents to receive… And a lot of people I asked have agreed that it is one of the worst… Unless this photo frame has a picture of you and the person you are giving the present to. Ahh, that would be a different story.

I will stick to making my own cards anyway. But seriously, I need loads of inspiration to buy gifts, pronto!

Still reeling from shock

Being the ever-frugal me, it was my first time having such an expensive visit to a hair salon, and I’m still reeling from shock that I spent $xxx amount of money! You really don’t want to know how much I spent, or at least, I myself don’t want to remind myself of this.

I went to Shunji Matsuo, since both DR and I agree that my hair is getting more and more fizzy and unruly, and I wanted to try a more professional salon.

At first, I just wanted to cut and colour (and the price was within my expectation from such a professional salon)… then, the hairstylist convinced me that I should get highlights to bring out the shape of my hair. It was another extra $xxx amount of money (!!!!!!).

I gasped and looked at DR to see his expression on whether it is worth it. He was nodding and said I should just go on with it. “要做就做好一点的”, he said.

In the end, I did it. I coloured, highlighted, cut and treated my hair at Shunji Matsuo. Even though DR paid almost 50% of it as my Christmas present (which I truly appreciate), I still feel the pinch.

Yes, Esther, your average neighbourhood girl who goes for $10.80 haircuts has made a giant, no, extra ginormous leap, to paying $xxx amount of money for this whole hair experience.

I still can’t believe it………

I can’t stop this train

Heard Thomas’s attempt to play “Stop This Train” just this Friday. Didn’t realise it was so difficult to play the song on guitar until he said so (he’s trying to master it… And I must say it’s already very good). Apparently it is some particular method that even a slap on the guitar is a note. It’s hard, I am sure. I can’t even change my fingers fast enough on the ukulele.

“Stop This Train” is one of my favourite songs from John Mayer cos the lyrics hold so much meaning about life – something that I can relate to as I am growing up into a young adult. In this song, John Mayer sings of how he wants to stop the train (of life) as it’s going to fast. He is scared of being older and having to fight on his own. So he decided to talk to “his old man” , asking him to “help him understand”. I like how he incorporated a conversation that he had with “his old man” into the song. You should listen on to get the idea…

This song is dedicated to all my friends (Angie, Yue, Weiqi, Prisci, Char, Michelle, Lilian, Denise, Vanessa and Ching) who just entered into the phase of young adulthood in recent years, where there are new responsibilities from worklife and family.

We’ll never stop this fast-moving train, much as we want to, but we can make it a better, more meaningful journey… 🙂

Stop this Train by John Mayer

No I’m not color blind
I know the world is black and white

I try to keep an open mind
But I just can’t sleep on this tonight

Stop this train
I want to get off
And go home again
I can’t take the speed it’s moving in
I know I can’t
But honestly, won’t someone stop this train?

Don’t know how else to say it
I don’t want to see my parents go
One generation’s length away
From fighting life out on my own

Stop this train
I want to get off
And go home again
I can’t take the speed it’s moving in
I know I can’t
But honestly, won’t someone stop this train?

So scared of getting older
I’m only good at being young
So I play the numbers game
To find a way to say that life has just begun

Had a talk with my old man
Said “help me understand”
He said “turn sixty-eight”
“You’ll renegotitate”

“Don’t stop this train
Don’t for a minute change the place you’re in
And don’t think I couldn’t ever understand
I tried my hand
John, honestly we’ll never stop this train”

Once in a while, when it’s good
It’ll feel like it should
And they’re all still around
And you’re still safe and sound
And you don’t miss a thing
Til you cry when you’re driving away in the dark
Stop this train
I want to get off
And go home again
I can’t take the speed it’s moving in
I know I can’t
Cause now I see I’ll never stop this train

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