Oh happy day!

Let me tell you why today is a happy day:

1. DR’s back in town! And he looks positively recharged after the detachment trip to Australia. When he’s good, I feel good too 😀

2. Together with Chuan, we managed to get my teen girls more focused in cell group today.

3. Tried Gongcha for the 2nd time… This time round, it’s Gong Cha Milk Oolong Tea with 80% sugar level. It was 赞!Huge contrast with the Gong Cha Milk Green Tea with 50% sugar level. This was was sooo much better.

4. Had a really light-hearted, yet thought-provoking discussion in my Youth cell, ranging from special needs teens to the lesson we learned from En Han’s teaching.

5. Being able to get home from our dinner place without squeezing in public transport, thanks to Zhenhua! Save $$$ and time! 😛



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    Nov 28, 2010 @ 11:58:32

    we’re mature kids dear esther [:


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