So much money ah!

While watching the news, it really baffles me to see certain things fetching so much money. What’s funny is that people are paying millions not for some sophisticated technology or cholera medicine for the people of Haiti. They actually use these millions to pay for ROCKS and FOOD !

At Sotheby’s auction, a rare, 24.78 carat pink diamond has been sold for a record-breaking $46 million dollars! That’s like $46 000 000 for a piece of mineral rock.

How does it feel to wear $46,000,000 on your finger?

Apparently, pink diamonds are very rare and known to be the purest form of diamonds.

The next one is really quite overwhelming. HKD$ 1,000,000 for a piece of mushroom, a white truffle (no, not the chocolate) to be exact.

And now you feel like an idiot for thinking that portobello mushrooms are expensive.

White truffles are known to be very difficult to find, very pungent and of course, very expensive. Despite it being pungent, discerning food connoisseurs can appreciate the taste and flavour it gives to the dish. White truffles are so expensive because they are wild (cannot be cultivated) and in order to look for them, you need specially-trained pigs to smell them out. Never knew pigs could hunt, right?!

So tell me, what has the world come to? We’re spending insanely huge amount of money on things that will not last….


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