Burger King rocked it!


changed my mind about burgers.

Probably had one too many cheap, run-in-the-mill burgers from McDonald’s, making me feel that burgers are not worth my stomach space. But this burger I recently had at Burger King is amazing. I think a lot of people had heard me rave about this burger.

No artificial, extremely yellow cheese pieces that hardens after while, but melty American cheese.

No dry patties, but tender chicken chunk grilled just nicely.

Oh… and the mushrooms. Delish.

That’s the difference between a $4.50 Mac Student meal I used to eat and a Burger King meal that costs me a good $7.50. Much as I love it, this can only be an occasional indulgence.

p.s Thank You Lord for being with me in this start of the week. On my way to work today, I felt more energetic and fresh as I reflected on Your word in 2 Chronicles (yesterday’s sermon verse).


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