In case I forget…

Just finished a part of my Quiet Time and this was written in the devotional “Our Daily Journey” –

“So the way we read the Bible is vital. Do we read it merely for information, principles, or truths that we can use to live better? Or do we read it in order to listen to God and respond in prayer and obedience?”

– Chia Poh Fang (contributor to “Our Daily Journey”)

Here is a question I need to record down, lest I forget. And yes, respond in prayer and obedience when I’ve realised the truth.


PSALM 19:12-14

12 How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart?

Cleanse me from these hidden faults.

13  Keep your servant from deliberate sins!

Don’t let them control me.

Then I will be free of guilt

and innocent of great sin.

14  May the words of my mouth

and the meditation of my heart

be pleasing to you,

O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.



Oh happy day!

Let me tell you why today is a happy day:

1. DR’s back in town! And he looks positively recharged after the detachment trip to Australia. When he’s good, I feel good too 😀

2. Together with Chuan, we managed to get my teen girls more focused in cell group today.

3. Tried Gongcha for the 2nd time… This time round, it’s Gong Cha Milk Oolong Tea with 80% sugar level. It was 赞!Huge contrast with the Gong Cha Milk Green Tea with 50% sugar level. This was was sooo much better.

4. Had a really light-hearted, yet thought-provoking discussion in my Youth cell, ranging from special needs teens to the lesson we learned from En Han’s teaching.

5. Being able to get home from our dinner place without squeezing in public transport, thanks to Zhenhua! Save $$$ and time! 😛


Amazing people with the right passion

Last Sunday, I read on Sunday Times a headline that goes like this: “A rare Singaporean”. Curious, I read on…

“When he was studying medicine on a government bursary at the National University of Singapore, Dr Tan Lai Yong, a Christian, knew he would be a missionary doctor in a remote, impoverished part of the world. That was how, after having served his eight-year bond in government hospitals, he ended up in Yunnan’s rural south, tending to the sick and training local farmers so that they could become barefoot doctors. He was accompanied by his brave wife, who gave up her job as an accountancy lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University, and their 16-month-old daughter….

After 14 years, Dr Tan, 49, feels it is time to come back to Singapore. In Yunnan, he now finds himself treated as a VIP wherever he goes and has to dine with the local officials. “This is dangerous for my soul,” he says.

By a typically Singaporean measure, Dr Tan and his wife have paid a huge opportunity cost to have spent those 14 years in Yunnan. They were in the prime of their lives, and if they had pursued their respective careers here, they would be living a very comfortable, air-conditioned life.

And it is not as though Dr Tan comes from a wealthy family. The youngest of seven children, he grew up in a two-room HDB flat. His father was an unlicensed taxi driver.

… But in their headlong rush to achieve material success, Singaporeans could do well to pause and reflect on his inspiring story. He has led a richer life than most precisely because he has chosen not to chase after material wealth.

Dr Tan’s riches are of the soul.” – The Sunday Times, 21 November 2010

And last Sunday, while on our way to church, Rebecca shared with me about this entrepreneur who sells shoes. But he’s no ordinary profit-driven businessman. TOMS shoes ( gives one pair of shoe to a child in an impoverished area for every pair of shoes he sells. He saw how a family with a few children had to share a single pair of shoe before each child could head to school. He saw how a simple pair of shoe could have prevented certain infections as the children walked on the gravelled paths. Surprisingly, Rev Fucai’s sermon also emphasized on this passionate and COMpassionate shoe entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs would usually go the way of donating a sum of their profits to good causes, but to give one pair of shoe with every shoe sold was a challenge… and not profit-generating at all. It was a losing business.

The founder, Blake Mycoskie wearing shoes for the children

But Blake Mycoskie, the founder, stuck on to his beliefs and eventually, it started making money when people realised the good cause. It was social entrepreneurship at its best.

Besides that, Food for Thought, a well-known cafe in North Bridge Rd and Queen Street , opened by my ex-GP teacher is also a social entrepreneurship. Money is donated to making clean water for impoverished communities. He also once shared with me that his setting up of the GP/English tuition centre “School of Thought” was to get young people thinking and not be apathetic about poverty, politics or the needs of the world. Young people needed a cause to pursue and they should not be indifferent about important things around them. It was a vision both he and his partner shared and they decided that teaching General Paper would be the best platform. In a way, it was social entrepreneurship as well.

God has placed in their hearts a passion, His heart for His people out there. Now, pray to God tonight..

We need such a passion in our hearts too… And the faith to take a step out to  pursue it.

Author’s note: TOMS shoes can be purchased at Pedder Red, Ngee Ann City, Singapore. Food for Thought and School of Thought are situated at Queens Street and North Bridge Road respectively.

3 more days

3 more days to DR’s return! Can we believe it?

Everyone say nooooooo, we can’t!

But yes, it’s 3 more days to his return. Time does fly and I thought that the end of November was so long away when he left.

Feels strange after not seeing him physically for so long… but yea, going to see him again. 🙂

Night out at One Rochester

On 16 November, I attended my cousin’s wedding solemnisation at One Rochester. It was my first time being there after hearing much about that restaurant tucked away in the lush foliage near Buona Vista.

Angie, Sarah and I were busy getting ready the reception area to take pictures of guests who were supposed to write their well wishes for the couple on a small board before we snapped them. I like the blue and white lantern lights lined around the restaurant. It made the place soooo romantic.

I wish both my cousin and cousin-in-law the very best in their married life and that they’ll love and take care of each other no matter what happens.

Can’t remember the name of the dishes but I like almost all of them… especially the beef ragout and their soup (can’t remember what already… Sorry. It just tastes comforting especially with the bread). Their pasta with chilli crab sauce was a nice Asian twist too!

Here are some pictures taken at the wedding. No food pictures because we wanted to take pictures of ourselves 😛 😛

So much money ah!

While watching the news, it really baffles me to see certain things fetching so much money. What’s funny is that people are paying millions not for some sophisticated technology or cholera medicine for the people of Haiti. They actually use these millions to pay for ROCKS and FOOD !

At Sotheby’s auction, a rare, 24.78 carat pink diamond has been sold for a record-breaking $46 million dollars! That’s like $46 000 000 for a piece of mineral rock.

How does it feel to wear $46,000,000 on your finger?

Apparently, pink diamonds are very rare and known to be the purest form of diamonds.

The next one is really quite overwhelming. HKD$ 1,000,000 for a piece of mushroom, a white truffle (no, not the chocolate) to be exact.

And now you feel like an idiot for thinking that portobello mushrooms are expensive.

White truffles are known to be very difficult to find, very pungent and of course, very expensive. Despite it being pungent, discerning food connoisseurs can appreciate the taste and flavour it gives to the dish. White truffles are so expensive because they are wild (cannot be cultivated) and in order to look for them, you need specially-trained pigs to smell them out. Never knew pigs could hunt, right?!

So tell me, what has the world come to? We’re spending insanely huge amount of money on things that will not last….

Burger King rocked it!


changed my mind about burgers.

Probably had one too many cheap, run-in-the-mill burgers from McDonald’s, making me feel that burgers are not worth my stomach space. But this burger I recently had at Burger King is amazing. I think a lot of people had heard me rave about this burger.

No artificial, extremely yellow cheese pieces that hardens after while, but melty American cheese.

No dry patties, but tender chicken chunk grilled just nicely.

Oh… and the mushrooms. Delish.

That’s the difference between a $4.50 Mac Student meal I used to eat and a Burger King meal that costs me a good $7.50. Much as I love it, this can only be an occasional indulgence.

p.s Thank You Lord for being with me in this start of the week. On my way to work today, I felt more energetic and fresh as I reflected on Your word in 2 Chronicles (yesterday’s sermon verse).

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