When I played the ukulele…

I just bought a ukulele at Peninsula Plaza for only 27 bucks.

Right after I got home, I started strumming like nobody’s business, practising on “Hey Soul Sister” which Sihui generously taught me.

The reactions from my family members?

Sarah: Can you please stop strumming? It’s the same thing over again.

Mom: It’s really quite noisy at night. Maybe you might want to go over to another room to play?

So I headed to the master bedroom and closed the door to play.

My dad then walked in and said, “It’s very late already. You should go and sleep. You don’t know how to play, right? It’s very noisy.”

Me: ……………..

So, I stopped playing for the night – fingers pained and me feeling embarrassed for disturbing my family with my bad ukulele playing. Maybe I should just stick to playing the piano. HAHAHA.


When we turn to the Lord, we will find Him

“…The Lord will stay with you as long as you stay with him! Whenever you seek him, you will find him. But if you abandon him, he will abandon you. 3 For a long time Israel was without the true God, without a priest to teach them, and without the Law to instruct them.4 But whenever they were in trouble and turned to the Lord, the God of Israel, and sought him out, they found him.”

2 Chronicles 15:1-7

I think the reason why we sometimes abandoned by God, and feel like He’s not listening to us is because we first abandon Him. In this few verses, the message was clear and this message was repeated twice within 2-3 verses…

“Whenever you seek Him, you find Him (v.2)” and “But whenever they were in trouble and turned to the Lord, the God of Israel, and sought him out, they found him (v.4).”

Thank you Lord.

Something to laugh about for the weekend

I discovered a hairstyle makeover website that allowed me to try different hairstyles. It is really cool. I tried all the wildest hairstyles I could possibly have but would not in reality.

All you need to do is to upload a picture of you with a face that is not blocked by your own hair. Preferably, tie your hair up in a bun so that you can “put on” short hair in the website. Here, I have five hairstyles which I think I can imagine myself in.

Which one do you think suits me best?

Jessica Biel hairstyle

Red wavy wild hair

Katherine McPhee hairstyle

Charlize Theron hairstyle

Zooey Deschanel hairstyle


To try this, you can visit http://www.dailymakeover.com and see how you can possibly look like 🙂

When did Indonesia supply Singapore oxygen?

In Friday, 22 October 2010’s edition of The Straits Times, an Indonesia’s spokesman, when asked to comment about Sumatra’s forest fires causing Singapore to reach an unhealthy PSI level of 108, said the following:

‘The provincial and district governments are in charge of this,’ he said.
‘It has been only a week of smoke but people are already making so much noise. What about all the oxygen that (Indonesia) supplies to them during the rest of the year?’

I laughed and rolled my eyes after I read this particular line on the papers. When did Indonesia supply Singapore oxygen? Is this the wisest thing they can say for this situation? Indonesia, please fire this PR dude (no pun intended).

9 Days of Letters

Just received an email from DR where he sent me 9 days of letters about his time in Rockhampton. I was moved as I read his every thanksgiving, every ups and downs, and every thought that he had of me when he was there so far.

I miss him so much now! He’s now going to be back on 1 December instead of late November. Why does time pass so s..lo…w…ly…?


When the Boyfriend is away – Day5

DR is away…. in a way, it is both a good and bad thing.

Bad thing is that I miss him quite a fair bit and I cannot call him or text him any time I want.

But surprisingly, because he’s away from Singapore, we actually make more effort to arrange a time to call and email each other. Every day, he would call and tell me of life in a small Australian city called Rockhampton. Food, he said, was expensive. It would cost AUD$10 every day for lunch. Movies shown on TV would go uncensored and he even received fierce glares from some rowdy Australians when his group was training around the neighbourhood (racism).

I pray that he is strong both spiritually and physically.

Ever since I started work, our exclusive dating time is limited to only Sundays as he has shift work. Even if he doesn’t work shift on that particular week, we’ll just be too tired to meet each other on week nights as we live so far apart. Once his part-time studies start again next year, more time will go to his studies. I will then be the nice girlfriend who will go books/groceries/clothes-shopping while waiting for him to finish studying will sit beside him at Starbucks while he revises his work.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy my temporary “singlehood” to the fullest by spending more time with my friends and family on Sundays. Say yes to coffee joint talks!

Okay shall stop now and go complete my work for tomorrow…. YAWNS. Time check: 1.17am, Tuesday early morning

Let’s learn some international culture

I was part of the organising committee for an international workshop held in my workplace last week. It was just over last week and now I’m already on a 3-week course. Totally out of the office for 1 whole month… and so, I really thank God for my wonderful colleagues who willingly covered me in my job.

Anyway, from interacting with some participants, I took note of some of their cultural habits. Very interesting.

From South Korea: I was very good friends with them because I tried to learn Korean language from them during the Welcome Dinner. They kept commenting I was a good student when I tried my best to sound annoyed like a Korean drama star (don’t you realise that Korean language accent always sound a little annoyed, especially when we “yo” at the end.). They even said I looked Korean! Well, hope they’re not referring me to their  pre-plastic surgery girls… LOL! Also they are really stylish. Both of them were already in their 30s – early 40s but they wore pullovers and striped cardigans. Men in Singapore, at this age, would wear big oversized windbreakers/sombre jackets but NOT THEM!

From Pakistan: I was overwhelmed when I first saw him at the airport. He shook my hand enthusiastically and went on to hug and KISS my male colleague! Whoaa hoho! That’s very affectionate. But I guess that’s their culture of greeting.

From Iran: When I welcomed them at the airport, I attempted to shook one of the participants’ hands but he quickly raised his hands in refusal. I realised they don’t shake women’s hands that easily. Also, immediately after they landed, they requested for a prayer room. They were really pious Muslims. At the end of the workshop, they actually loosened up and smiled a lot. Could even joked with me! But yes, I learned that Iranians are very conservative and will draw lines when it comes to physical contact with women. However, they are generally still very friendly.

From US: Very friendly and always enjoy a light-hearted moment. But they see British and us Singaporeans as the same because we like use the weather as conversation pointers.

These are the participants who left the deepest impression on me. Now we know something about their cultures 🙂

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