Must read Yiddish!

I finally caught the movie that I wanted “The Infidel”… with Yue =)

It was generally a good watch and many funny moments in the front part. Many jokes in the movie were about the Jewish culture and stereotypes, so I wished I read up more on that before I watched it so that I can enjoy it better. Still, it is a comedy that makes you think about it after the movie ends on the Jewish culture/ethnicity (maybe because of my faith as a Christian and the similar references Christians have with the Jewish culture) and also the definition of one’s social identity through birth and societal cultural norms.

Yue liked the part where the radical Muslim cleric father said “Moderation must be done in moderation”.

I liked the scene where the lead character, Mahmud tries to speak the five books of Moses in his best Yiddish. Hilarious.

If you guys can, try to catch it! It’s M18 though, due to its religious references.

A meaningful quote spotted at ATM

UOB always have meaningful quotes featured on its ATMs.

I spotted one today that I found true, especially for myself.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action” – Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

Reminds me of this verse from James 2:17 – In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

We can read a lot and know a lot in our head, but if the knowledge is not lived out as action, it is pointless.

Cultivating respect for the Lord

The Giving of Tithes

“You must set aside a tithe of your crops—one-tenth of all the crops you harvest each year. Bring this tithe to the designated place of worship—the place the Lord your God chooses for his name to be honored—and eat it there in his presence. This applies to your tithes of grain, new wine, olive oil, and the firstborn males of your flocks and herds. Doing this will teach you always to fear the Lord your God.”  – Deuteronomy 14:22-23

Back in the olden days, the Israelites gave their tithe of grain, new wine, olive oil and the firstborn males of their flocks and herds – the best of their first harvest to God.

Today, I will offer God the tithe of my income as well as my heart, soul and mind. Only the best for the Lord… To teach me to cultivate respect for the Lord (fear of the Lord).

I want to catch this movie: The Infidel!

After watching the movie “Vampire Sucks”, my conclusion is that this movie is as the name implies. It was such a tasteless show with loads of  trite slapstick and silly sexual innuendo, that I told myself I have to watch a really really good show the next time I go to the cinema, so as to regain my dignity as a movie-goer.

My next movie conquest will be to watch this: “The Infidel”

Mahmud Nasir (Omid Djalili) is a loving husband, doting father and something of a “relaxed” Muslim. His son Rashid Nasir (Amit Shah) wishes to get married but to do so, the Nasir family must receive the blessing of his fiancee’s new stepfather, a devout Muslim cleric. Trying to act the devout family is made that much more difficult by the revelation that Mahmud was adopted as a baby and born Jewish – his real name is Solly Shimshillewitz. As Mahmud tumbles headlong into a full scale identity crisis, the only person he can turn to for help is Lenny Goldberg (Richard Schiff), a drunken Jewish-American cabbie who agrees to give Nasir/Shimshillewitz lessons in becoming a Jew. Mahmud does this so he can get a Rabbi (Matt Lucas) to agree to let him see his dying biological father, Issy Shimshillewitz.

– Movie summary from Yahoo! Movies

Unfortunately, it is not widely distributed in the Singapore theatres so I can only go to either Cathay Orchard or The Cathay to watch it. But I really think it will be worth the trouble to head to town just to watch this comedy. In fact, I can imagine this film as one of the conversation points in a Sociology module!

Here’s a movie trailer of the “The Infidel”. Enjoy!

Analyzing the Black Swan leads us to God

For these past three days, I attended an international forum in Marina Mandarin Hotel (for work purposes). Basically, this forum shares knowledge about strategic futures initiatives from different countries and companies, in hope that participants can glean insights and shape them into a good plan.

“Strategic futures” sounds obscure eh?

It basically means using certain methodologies to analyse and come up with an intelligent foresight so as to make the future less uncertain.

However, much as people want to plan and discuss the best practice to strategize the future for the country or company, “black swans” are bound to appear. This term “black swans” popped up many times during the forum.

According to Taleb’s Black Swan theory, the background was that in the olden days, people always thought that swans were white. So when a man discovered a black swan, his mindset changed. Black swans were unexpected and they challenged the norms as they had never ever been witnessed before in history, leaving a big impact. Examples of a “black swan” event is the 9-11 terrorist attack or discovering that your mother is actually a man, or Singapore flooding! The latter two examples are my own. HEH. I hope it helps you readers get the gist.

So yes, much as we humans are trying to find the best ways to move forward and make sure our future is certain, we are bound to meet unexpected incidents in the society or even in our own lives. We can plan this, plan that, but who knows? In the next minute, you may face the reality of death. Black swans are inevitable. Uncertainty is constant.

The presence of black swans in everyday life makes me realise that that I cannot control every aspect of my life, much as I want to, exposing my limitation as a mere human. It made me realise a bigger truth: that God is the ONLY unchanging being in the midst of black swan events.

In black swans events, an ally country can suddenly be your enemy, or you may turn from a confident student to a worrisome man. It simply brings out that fact that this world is not owned by us since we have no control over it.

But God is sovereign. He is the one we can put our total trust in our uncertain future as He stands unchanged and sovereign, beyond the human realm. Nothing can make him change, not even black swan events. He is above all kings, above all powers, above all uncertainties.

At the end of the 3-day forum, I just thought to myself:

We don’t need to rely totally on this forum to be able to strategise for the future. We need God in our lives!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. – James 1:17

Turning 23

Turning 23 is so much fun compared to turning 21!

Because at 23, I am earning my keep, so I can afford a slight indulgence on celebratory food. And the best thing is… I don’t have to throw a party but people are celebrating it for me! 😀

It first started with my uni Monopoly Deal kakis who surprised me with a cake and a treat at New York New York. We talked about working life and caught up with each other’s lives. I totally enjoyed myself cos we haven’t seen one another for almost 2 months! It ended off with a nice note when we headed to buy Koi milk tea!

Presents from colleagues

Next, it was my colleagues in office who gave me a surprise after my company’s anniversary dinner on 2 Sep. They got me to the office, my boss tricked me into his office while my colleagues went to prepare. Then… they sang happy birthday to me with a cake! They gave me a Patrick Starfish soft toy and a cheeky big-busted Wonder Woman photo stand which made me blush in embarrassment!!!

Feast at Kuishin-Bo. This shows DR after extracting the whole meat out of the Alaskan crab legs for meee. Yums.

Okay one day before and on my actual birthday, I spent these 2 days with the bf eating good stuff and soaking up the atmosphere in city hall. Those 2 days caused us some indigestion I think! 😛 I ended my actual birthday with DR singing a birthday song to me on the phone. Aww~

The four of us at Cedele

Me with the yummy Cedele chocolate cake with a candle

One day after my actual birthday, my JC girlfriends met up and celebrated my birthday with me at Cedele at Ngee Ann City. I love wholemeal, multi-grains, rye bread… and with any order of a bowl of soup, one gets free flow of such breads over there! I tell you, I was in Bread Heaven. I ordered a Chicken Portobello sandwich and boy, it was good. They also got me a slice of Cedele cake that was oh-so-yummayy~ We talked and caught up a lot a lot (as usual) and that was my favourite part.

Singing a birthday song

My Sec 1 Cell Group (still missing Rebecca & Chrystal!)

A candid picture!

Everyone of us in the room. It was a squeeze!

The Birthday Cake decorated by my girls

The Gifts and Cards

(The reason why I uploaded so many pictures for our cell is specially for Charmaine so she can have them!)
In church, on Saturday, 5 days after my birthday, my adorable Sec 1 cell girls surprised me (yes, I didn’t expect a birthday song) with a self-decorated butter cake (very very cute!!), gifts and words of blessings. They got me a self-decorated mug with 23 stars inside, representing my age. How sweet can this be? 🙂 Teresa got me a brown teddy bear personally, adding to my collection of bears. I now have 3 brown bears on my bed! After that, a few of us old girls headed to 天外天 Fish Steamboat at Upper Serangoon to have dinner which was filled with funny and nostalgic conversations.

My nainai gave me an angbao and my 2 aunties each gave me a gift and a card full of meaningful words.

So yes, this records my 1 week of celebrating my turning of 23. And as you can see, it is certainly more fun than turning 21!

One month into Office Life

Today has been quite a mentally exhausting day with one of the top bosses shooting down at my department and my boss had to defend, defend and defend.

My first time seeing such a heated debate and intensive questioning in work…

But whichever way, I enjoy my colleagues… they’re the ones who make office life more bearable.

Some of my funky colleagues during an anniversary dinner

A peek at my work desk. can you see Patrick? It was a gift from my colleagues! I hug it a lot! Patrick has been quite a star in my office and a source of entertainment for me and my colleagues 😛

Anyway, work life has been pretty hectic especially when there’s so many meetings and deadlines to meet. But on my way to work every morning, God reminds me that every morning is a new morning and there will be new mercies for each day because God is faithful (Lamentations 3:22-23)

My birthday week has been full of celebrations and it’s not going to end… A couple more to come. Heehee:D I shall talk more about my birthday in my next blog post. It’s full of nice surprises and blessings. So stay tuned…

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