Not seeing daylight when I leave my workplace

I have not been seeing  daylight for the past couple of weeks when I left my workplace.

Can’t believe I have to work so late for the past 2.5 weeks, just for my company’s anniversary dinner video and performance.

This Thursday is the anniversary dinner. Please let my late nights end…. My main work stuff is still undone!!! *shudders* It’s like spending so much time on CCA while my main studies get neglected.

Lord, grant me efficiency and favour in my work. My bosses put high expectations on me but I feel like I’m not meeting the cut…

But wells, no matter what I do, let me work as if I am working for the Lord! Let me give my best and not shortchange the organisation where I am working in.


How is PM Lee as a father?

I am wondering this question out loud as I watch the National Day Rally tonight.

I have always been a person who is very keen to find out how people are with their family members. For me, I see if a friend is trustworthy or a good one to have by the way he/she treats or talks about his/her family members. Similarly, I have a tendency to see how understanding a leader/boss is by the way he manages his family and how close he is to the family. Does the family speak fondly of him? Or not?

As I was looking at my smiley Prime Minister sharing his speech, I noted that he referred to his father as “MM Lee” – a very impersonal address of  “MM Lee”. In my mind at that time, I began to wonder, did MM Lee give his son a lot of encouragement when he took reins as a Prime Minister? Was PM Lee ever hurt by his father in the process of growing up? Is MM Lee proud of his son?

Also, how is PM Lee as a father? Does he get involved in his sons’ and daughter’s lives? Does he have heart-to-heart talks with his sons?

I have always thought that a father figure is important. That’s why, I’m heartened to see Singapore’s active fatherhood initiative online (check out: and also popular news anchor, Steven Chia, blogging the joys of being involved in his young children’s lives (check out: I think he’s a great dad and will be a good boss (if he is one!).

So yes, back to the question…. Beneath the facade of political sobriety, how is PM Lee as a father, as a son, or even as a husband? Hmm… I wonder?

Lesson from Shopping

Ever since I started work, I have been looking for a decent part of court shoes that I can wear to work. My budget is about 60 – 80 bucks which means, I am getting a good pair so that I can wear it for a long, long time.

I looked high and low for such mid-range shoes but results haven’t been desirable because in the end, in desperation, I went to Mondo and Bata to get a couple of shoes, just so I can tide through this period of work. However, these two shoes have been causing me quite a few blisters. So I decided that it is time to hunt for good work shoes again before these two shoes give way! I need back up, urgently!

But you know, the more I look, the more I can’t find a decent and comfortable pair.

If it’s pretty or comfortable, the heels would be too high for me to walk in.

If the heels were just right in height, the shoes were either:

1. ugly

2. uncomfortable OR

3. super ugly


It’s the same as every other shopping trip I have. Whenever I am shopping specifically for something, I just can’t seem to find a satisfactory one. The harder I look, the more difficult it is to find one. I guess everyone experienced this. The best example? Buying a birthday present. When you want to buy a birthday present, the harder you try to find one, the more difficult it is to find a perfect one.

On the other hand, if you seize the opportunity to buy something which catches your eye at that moment, chances are, it’ll be something you like and can use in a long time.

It brings me to a point about life. In life, you can look and work very hard for certain things but the more you try,  the more this thing will be out of your reach or it will not reach the perfection that you are looking for.

It makes this verse: “… seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33) exceptionally real. I have learned that when I put the right focus – that is, the focus on God and recognise His goodness and greatness, and cultivate a close relationship with Him, “all these things will be added” unto me!

Case in point is my job search. The harder I looked, the more disappointed I was. But after when I realise I have been relying too much on my own grades and not on God’s grace and providence, I repented and focused on God. That very week, my interviews went smoothly and I clinched my current job within 2 weeks of interviews.

I am not advocating that when you want something, you should quickly focus and ask from God. What I am advocating is having a close relationship with our Heavenly Father (God himself!) – so close that you know how to let go and let Him handle every little worry you have. And once you get it right with our God, all things will align according to His plan and it will definitely be the BEST!

Guilty indulgence – Channel 8’s《爱》

I know once I say this, everyone is going to label me as an Auntie.

But yes, my guilty indulgence on weekends and for some week nights is catching 《爱》, the Taiwanese soap opera, on Channel 8! This soap opera is currently showing at 7pm every evening. Well, when there was nothing to watch, I watched it one day with my mum and realised it’s pretty melodramatic, but that’s what makes it interesting.

There are twists and turns – betrayal, family feuds,  irony in situations and scheming soliloquys (a literary device that shows the inner thoughts of the character)… all of which make a good drama.

I have passed through my second week in my work and I’ve already been working past 6pm for a couple of days, knocking off only at 10pm. I have to work so late because there is a video that I am doing together with my other super nice (and young) colleagues from other departments for our organisation’s anniversary dinner. So I have been missing quite a few episodes of 《爱》 already.

But well, it’s okay. I always get to catch up with the story plot during the weekends, especially Sundays when it screens for 2 whole hours! Muahaha!

Despite all these work that I’ve been placed with, I thank God I can unwind with this Channel 8 show and also not feel tired last week when I worked late the whole of last week.

Anyway!!! Just this Saturday, I took my fun graduation shots with Chuanyan and Shumin in church and Potong Pasir. Can’t wait to see how the photos will turn out! Many many thanks to Thomas and Angie for their expertise and time! Shall update about my graduation photos once they come out. EXCITED!!!

Looking for a hairstyle that suits my long face

I just got a hair trim this afternoon as my hair was getting unruly, after 1.5 months. I didn’t want to have the same hairstyle and thus, started researching online for a hairstyle that suits my face shape – the long face.

You can’t blame me if I pull a long face… Because I do have a long face! Hahaha. Okay, this joke is either you get it, or not.

Well, so what is a long, or some would call, the oblong face?

According to, on the article “how to determine your face shape”, an oblong face shape is one where your face is longer than it is wide.

After reading through articles online about hairstyles that suit the oblong face shape, I gathered the following points about the ideal hairstyle for my face shape.

#1: Blunt bangs or having a fringe helps to cover the forehead and thus, create width for my face. Look at Liv Tyler (aka Arwen in the epic Lord of the Rings). She’s so gorgeous with long hair, bangs and a long face.

#2: Shoulder-length bobs (longer front and shorter back) or shoulder-length hair can help to frame the strong angles of a long face. Celebrity inspiration comes from Heidi Klum (below).

#3: Forget extremely long hair that is super rebonded because it will make my long face much longer.

#4: Curls and waves can work for me because it creates width on my face.

#5: Layers around my face can help to soften my strong angles.

After doing the research, I went to cut my hair.

In the end, I got my bangs but now, my hair length is a bit short and nowhere near the shoulder which is what I’ve wanted. Trying to grow my hair out!

Till the next 1.5 months then…

Lessons on the first week of work

Lessons gleaned from the first week of work:

1) There’s no such thing as a 9-5 job. But there’s such a thing as: 830 – 1830, 830-2000 job. In other words, come on time at 830am for work… But be ready that you will not be able to knock off promptly at 6pm if there’s work to be completed.

2) Nice colleagues, especially those who are able the same age, make work all the better. They really do. I count this as one of my blessings.

3) Claiming God’s promises/reading His word every single day for strength and looking at things thrown to me as good opportunities, are essential, especially when my supervisor has given me so many heavy responsibilities (and it’s only the first week of work!)

4) Work time cannot slack and snack because no ethics and no time respectively.

5) When work takes up almost 50% of my whole day, I become fiercely protective of whatever private time I have for myself and close ones.

6) Work clothes can be repeated every 3 – 5 days. No one will remember what you wore 3 days ago. So, I decided to have about 6 – 7 standard working clothes set which should last me until next year.

7) I am capable of waking up early! But of course, with the help of my super big and deafness-inducing alarm clock which mummy bought for $22.

8) Keeping an open mind is important, but not so open until I sacrifice biblical principles in my workplace.

That’s all. It’s 12.45am now and I am lethargic. Rare thing considering I have been sleeping late for the last 3 months. Okay, goodnight!

How do I love thee Singapore, let me count the ways

I would like to dedicate a blog post to Singapore on this National Day. Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with Singapore sometimes but most of the time, it’s a lot of love and thankfulness, especially when I think about the peace and stability we enjoy.

How do I love thee Singapore? Let me count the ways.

1) I love Singapore for our cleanliness. Yes, it may take a lot of fines and disciplinary measures but you can’t deny that we are one of the cleanest cities in the world, especially when my friends told me that in downtown Paris, their subways smell like pee and the walls were full of urine stains.

2) I love Singapore for our food! No need to explain too much, right?

3) I love Singapore for the peace and social stability we enjoy. If you look at our neighbouring countries, you will learn to count your blessings.

4) I love Singapore for giving all Singaporeans opportunities to good education. When you are not in primary school, the authorities will know and will send letters to make sure you are enrolled in a school (I know because this is what happened to my cousins who have been overseas since they were young and they send the letters to us). If you are in India, the governmental authorities would not even know you have been sold to human traffickers, much less bother about your education.

5) I love Singapore for the government. Yes, yes, we have their gripes on their policies sometimes. Even I do, especially on the public transport fees. Ha. But in my opinion, a government who protects and prospers their people cannot be lousy. If you think about Sudan or Cambodia, you will know what I mean.

As Corrinne May’s National Day 2010 theme song aptly puts it, “I’m thankful for my Singapore”. Happy National Day!

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