My Evening Convocation Ceremony

Having an evening convocation ceremony made me very hungry, especially when the ceremony started late and the whole ceremony was delayed. I liked the valedictorian’s speech when he asked all the graduates to turn around and give a round of applause for all our parents who are in the audience.

Not that keen about the speech about engagement with China for economic benefits by the guest-of-honour though. Hello, China is not the only oyster in the world! We should learn to be engaged with people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from all different cultures, not just with China.

Okay, shall stop talking. Here are some pictures for you all to get into the moment 🙂

Preparing in the toiletBefore the ceremony, I was rushing to put the convocation gown on, in our favourite toilet in school!

at 5.45pm before the ceremonyBefore the ceremony started, we took a picture together with the evening sun warmly shining (:

the four of us with YOG2010 mascotsHere are the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2010’s mascots. They’re here because YOG Village will be within NTU. I will always remember my graduation year when I see this picture of these mascots.

Pro-Chancellor slumped on the chair The Pro-Chancellor (that big guy in the middle) doesn’t just sit, but slumps on the chair whenever he doesn’t have prize-giving duties.

Me receiving the fake certificateMy sis captured me on the big screen!

DR and me with the grad bearMe and DR 🙂 He was a big help that night!

My family and meThankful that in the end, all my family members could go into the auditorium to witness the ceremony – all 4 of them!

Me and Ching with the lovely presentThe really pretty graduation present Ching made. Thank you Ching! Appreciate our friendship (:

the three of us after the ceremonyWe managed to capture a picture together right after squeezing through the crowds. This is from van’s cam!

my dg mates!This pic’s from Amy’s cam. This is me and my discipleship group in school. Thanks for all the support in our last year, sisters!

throwing our mortarboards in the air surrealOur attempt at throwing our mortarboards in the air. It’s really a big ouch for the mortarboards!

I have many other pictures in my computer taken with people like Emily (NYJC’s orientation group mate and schoolmate), Cecilia and QB (my primary school classmates), Chong Ying (my JC classmate) and many others… But I guess it’ll be too long a post if I were to post ALL the pictures! You can look out for it in my Facebook account probably.


Convocation in less than 24 hours!

As I look at my convocation gown hanging in my bedroom, I feel a sense of pride and most of all, full of thanksgiving. In less than 24 hours, I am going to attend my university graduation ceremony!

I can never be in this position admiring the moment, if not for the grace of God. Without Him, going to university will not be possible. I truly am grateful.

This moment is for my parents, especially my mom, both my grandmas and my aunts and uncles who have been quietly supporting our family through the years with their love and concern.

Most importantly, this moment is wholly dedicated to God.

Graduation may be seen as an important milestone for a lot of people. It may be a measure of success or worth in a person. But to me, this is merely a one of the stops in the journey of life. You can call it a fleeting moment in life, a passing shadow. No one will remember how good you look in the convocation gown or how worthy/intelligent you are when you receive the certificate, 10 years or maybe even 1 year down the road. But people will remember how well and meaningfully you have lived your life through ups and downs.

So, instead of working for things that are seemingly worthy in this world, I press on forward towards the goal that God has set for me as I start a new chapter in life in the working world.

“Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ” Philippians 3:8 (NLT)

This is the verse I must and will hold true until the day I die.

Jesus Calls Peter – Joshua Harris

While toying around Google Reader, I stumbled upon a few Internet gems. One of them is this comic by Joshua Harris. I believe he’s the same person who wrote “I Kiss Dating Goodbye” and “Boy Meets Girl”.

Jesus Calls Peter – Joshua Harris.

It’s smart.

Mom freaked out – she thinks I’ll go to jail

I found a website called, which featured my last blog post (“Singapore Flooding – the reason why”) in their SingaporeSurf section (which shows online posts about Singapore).

Because of this feature, that post alone attracted a total of 172 reads on that particular Saturday (24 July 2010). I was so shocked.

I told my sis and mom about this blog post that attracted shocking readership (okay, I know 172 reads is nothing compared to xiaxue or dawn yang’s daily readership but still, 172 reads… is just baffling for me) and allowed them to read it.

After reading the whole blog post, my mom asked why I sounded so vulgar by using the word “fart” in my writing. Here’s the conversation:

Mom: (in a mixture of English and Mandarin) Why did you use the word “fart”? It’s not very nice to the ears, you know.

Me: What’s wrong with “fart”? It’s the right word to use what… What do you want me to say? “Let out air”?

Mom: Let out gas.

Me: Huh?

Mom: Last time, we wouldn’t use “fart”. We say it’s “German gas”.

Me: Why do you call it “German gas”? It sounds like something from Nazi Germany and I don’t like it.

After a while, while I was lying on the bed doing my own stuff, she came in to the room and… here goes our conversation.

Mom: (in Mandarin) You better don’t anyhow write anything about the Government. Later they will check you and make you go to jail!

Me: (in Mandarin) Mummy…. Why are you so scared of the Government? They won’t lah… I am just writing about flooding in Singapore, not saying things about them.

Mom: You better make sure of that.

I am really not critcising the Government. I am merely making an observant guess about why Singapore is flooding that much, and that’s simply it. So yep, please don’t report me to the police. Ha.

Singapore Flooding – the reason why

The rate that Singapore is flooding every time there is rain, I think sooner or later, we will end up like Venice – disappear in 38 years’ time.

Okay, I exaggerate.

But isn’t it interesting that it’s all the atas areas like Bukit Timah, Orchard, Thomson and Opera Estate that are flooding? I read today’s news that insurers are discussing the possibility of increasing the premiums of people buying general insurance for their properties in the aforementioned areas. My guess is God knows that the people living there can afford it if the insurance premiums do increase, that’s why these areas have the tendency to flood. Heh.

In my most humble opinion, I believe the flood is caused by extensive excavation in Singapore’s ground. At the rate we are digging underground for train tracks, I think we may have inevitably tarnished the underground pipes and drains.

One case in point is Bishan MRT station. Angie, Sihui, Sarah and I have always complained that every time the train bounded for Jurong East reaches Bishan station,  a strong stench of FART will hit us when the train doors open. Then people will unanimously cover their noses, thinking that their neighbour has farted, when in fact it is just the station smelling like fart.

It happens all the time when we are on the train and so we realise that it is definitely not someone farting. How can it be so coincidental that every time at Bishan station, someone will let out a fart right? Farts in crowded places do not occur so often. So, the conclusion is that Bishan station, at the Jurong East direction platform, smells like heaty fart!

One day, my sis, who is now an intern journalist at SPH became investigative. She told the passenger service officer at Bishan that she is a journalist and questioned them why the train platform (bound for Jurong East) always smell like FART. The officer explained that it is caused by construction and apparently, some pipes burst (which I think are sewage pipes). He quickly asked my sis not to write about it. Hahaha. Scaredy cat.

So yes, it must be too much extensive digging underground that has caused drainage systems to be obstructed, and thus floods occur in Singapore. I don’t think it’s too much rain. I believe such rain levels have happened before in Singapore but it was okay then.

In the quest for an efficient transport system, Singapore may have inevitably drowned itself.

How a stitch looks like

I decided to tear open my dressing after showering to let my stitch breathe some air after 16 days of being buried under the air-tight and waterproof dressing.

Everyone, say hello to my stitch.

See my stitch in full glory. I twisted my arm in an awkward position to take this photo. As you can see, the plaster used to protect my bump (which is no longer) has left a mark there while the rest of my arm got tanned during the youth camp.

Very (-.-“). Sigh.

Fervour, not favour.

As I prayed during prayer meeting, this prayer came to my mind:

I ask for fervour for the Lord, not favour from the Lord.

P.S Is this count as a “balanced pair” like what I learned from HW101 Craft of Writing in my first semester in uni? Heh.

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