Somebody award The Noose with Best Entertainment TV already!

I really like watching The Noose on Channel 5! It’s like America’s The Onion News Network but the Singaporean version! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a smart spoof of Singapore’s news world and Singapore’s current affairs. Think Channel NewsAsia – but one that is being made fun of.

The third season is currently showing every Tuesday, 8.30pm but I can’t catch it sometimes because I will be in church for prayer meeting. However, good news is that they have all the episodes available on Just search for The Noose when you are in the webpage.

I think Mediacorp should pay me now for raving so much about their show! Hahaha.. But well, it’s so funny and good, I thought I should just share with you guys.

In the new season, they have this new segment called “We Are Singaporeans”. They ask Singaporeans on the street this question: What bridge is named after Singapore’s second president. One uncle said “North Canal Bridge”!!! Check out the clip I have posted for more hilarious responses. The best answer is at the end of the clip!

Power of another kind

We always pray to God for power and strength. Then I wonder… to do what?

To help us to lead people better? Hmm, probably?

To speak more powerful prayers? Yes, maybe.

To be able to be a strong testimony before friends and family. Yes…

I realise that all my asking for power and strength has been about doing such “great things” – things that would let people see, wow, she’s good, she has big dreams.

But the Holy Spirit, during last week, prompted me that God has given me the power and strength not just to do these seemingly “great things”. It’s to do something so simple, but something which I always seem to lack: To love.

God has given me power and strength to love and accept people who are unlovable – the people who have hurt me with words, who have rejected my sincere goodwill, who have mistreated me, who have been unfair to me or just people who are plain irritating.  Thankfully, I haven’t met a lot of such people but yes, there are still some of them out there.

I believe the power given is not only to love those who are unlovable, but also, to be more expressive and appreciative to people who have shown their love for me in different ways. I sometimes find myself a bit passive and unexpressive when it comes to loving a person who has shown me acts of love (no, it’s not only DR!), and that is why I need God’s power and strength to love them as much as well.

The God-given power, that should be used to accomplish “greater things”, is for me to accomplish this simple task, to love. What a revelation!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Sick… again.

It’s the second time I fell sick within 1.5 months. But this time round, I was totally weak and drowsy – fever, cough, runny nose, blocked nose, headache – that I really had no energy to do anything, until now, that’s why I’m blogging a bit.

I haven’t felt nauseous in a long time but as I was on the train home, after seeing the TCM doctor at Chinatown, I began to feel the acidic liquid coming up to my throat. Thank God my Mummy was there with me. We had to step out of the train, just in case I vomited on other people’s legs and my own bag (the train was really crowded). Mummy made everything better with her gentle tone of voice and understanding =) So, I got home and hit the sack. Home sweet home. At least no vomiting in public!!!

A lot to share for the 2 days of One Love Conference I attended. There were new lessons learned and fresh perspectives gained. Missed the last day because I was sick. But this is surely not a loss because I’m sure this Saturday’s testimonies will be an encouragement and that will suffice too.

Okays, gotta sleep now. Goodnight… I hope my body doesn’t give up on me.

Char+Yue+Me finally met up!

I’m glad Char, Yue and I finally met up together. It has been soooo long. We headed to Wan Chai Hong Kong Cafe at Bishan J8 for dinner. I played with Yue the Snapping Crocodile thingy which Wendy gave me, and she was thoroughly amused and entertained! Heehee. We later talked more at The Dessert Shop while having mango and green tea shaved ice.

Hmm… Did I mention that that Wan Chai HK Cafe is one of DR’s and my favourite eating places? It’s affordable (they only have 7% service charge, NO service charge) and the portions are generous. Go there to try their seafood baked rice (SGD$8.50) or their scallop+salmon+asparagus baked rice (SGD$9.80). It’s really yummy and each of this comes with a bowl of homemade soup. Yue said their french toast is also pretty good. Shall try it next time I go there.

Char told us so many funny events that happened at the private language school where she is teaching.

One of her Thai students whose name is Nettaporn (something like that) told Char, “Chee-cher, you can call me Neh”. Eh, Neh? That sounds like a part of a female anatomy. Hahahaha. She also has Thai students who are called Money and Time!! And apparently, these names are common among the Thais  -___-” . Another student of hers, when tested to come out with a simile, said “He is as cunning as a fork.” Char was like “Huh, a fork? It’s fox, my dear”…

I guess when you work in a language school with students who have minimal grasp of English, you’ll get a fair share of such jokes.

All in all, thankful that we met up and could catch up so much. I enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to the four of us meeting up again when Prisci returns from Sydney.

Going to the Old Folks’ Home!

This Saturday, for our Sec 1 girls cell outing, we will be putting up a short performance for the elderly folks at Sree Narayana Mission Home. My JC friend, Weiqi volunteers there regularly (HOT CATCH leh, guys! hahaha) so she was looking for performers for a special event (dumpling festival) this coming Saturday. Since she asked, I was thinking, why not get Chuan and my Sec 1 cell group girls to perform together for these old folks?

We’ll be singing 邓丽君’s “月亮代表我的心” and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”, Chinese and English version (with the actions!).

Honestly, I was surprised that most of them responded positively to it and were willing to postpone our kite-flying activity at Marina Barrage till next time.  I initially thought that there would be protests but seems like I was wrong. Truly thankful for that. Really really thankful.

Pray that we will bond well over this meaningful activity and bless the old folks with our CUTENESS, energy and joy! =) Yay… I am cute, cos I’m with them! Muahahaha…

I dreamt of Heaven, but…

Nearly two weeks ago, I dreamt of heaven.

It came after God placed the concept of eternity in my heart through sermons and teachings during Teens Service, so I knew what I was going to expect when I see heaven.

In my dream, I knew I was dead because I dreamt the part of me dying. I died because I fell out of the window together with my sister. -.-” But yes, the next thing I knew, we were both in heaven. The following picture was what I saw. Though this picture is not exactly what I have seen, it’s the closest I can find:

When I saw it, I was so touched, I remember I cried in my dream. I was thinking: “I am finally back to the place where I belong.”

However, immediately after, a sudden feeling of fear seized me. But ehhh, shouldn’t I be feeling peaceful and joyful in Heaven? Why is there such an irrational fear? Is this truly heaven? This fear that crippled me suddenly was the fear of not seeing people I know. In that place, I saw only my sister and myself. No one was around. Where are the people I know? I was so scared.

I was so scared that I woke up and that dream became deeply etched in my mind.

I am really afraid that one day, I will not be able to see my family and friends whom I love when I finally go to heaven when I die. Will their names be written in the Book of Life, or will I be frantically searching for them when I reach heaven, and realise that I have to be be separated from them forever and EVER? God must be reminding me…

How to ripen a pimple

Sometimes, when the time of the month comes, hormones rage and I get outbreaks on the face, i.e. pimples/acne. So, when Wendy complained to me about a growing pimple on her chin and wanted to squeeze it, I advised her: Wait until it is ripe.

And what is a ripe pimple?

Know this is going to get a bit graphic but yes, a ripe pimple is one that already has pus. Do not squeeze a red one with no visible signs of pus.

So how do I ripen a pimple quickly?

Here are some unorthodox methods which I come up with, speaking from experience.

1) The most direct method – apply pimple cream and wait for it to ripen. Sarah and I support Clinelle’s Blemish Stick which kinda conceals the pimple while healing it. On the other hand, Wendy swears by Daniel Kern’s products. You can check out his products at

2) Go to sleep, don’t look at the pimple anymore. Usually, the next day, after enough sleep, the pimple ripens because the body gets rid of the toxins throughout the night. Then can squeeze. HAHAHA.

3) Apply purifying mask. Usually it’s clay mask.

4) Apply hazeline snow directly on the pimple. Hazeline Snow will harden the area somehow and force the pus to come out.

Honestly, I should just visit a dermatologist lah… Having combination skin (oily/dry/sensitive) in humid Singapore is really no joke!

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